Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed, Golden Globes 2013

I wasn't able to catch the Golden Globes this year due to being out of the country on a pesky trip called a Honeymoon but that doesn't mean I didn't bootup the laptop as soon as I was able to check out the red carpet fashion. Of course I had my clear favorites and those that I didn't care for too much. For what it's worth, here are my faves and my not so muches.


Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy Couture- So understated but in looking at the details, it's just superbly put together. Amanda has been really bringing it on the red carpet lately and this look is no exception.

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors- At first glance, I didn't love this look but when I took the time to look at the details, down to her jewelry, this was very much a hit for me. Emily looks svelte and slightly edgy, which I think suits her quite nicely.

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen- I thought this choice was absolutely stunning. This color is certainly on trend but her complete look channeled old hollywood glamour. From her jewelry down to her dresses train, I thought she looked perfect.

Nicole Ritchie in Naeem Khan- Maybe it's that I absolutely love this color or that she just went for it, but I think that Nicole Ritchie hit one out of the park with this dress.The long sleeves really called to me because it portrays an elegance that I only hope I would have on the red carpet.
Honorable Mentions

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen- Maybe it was Jessica Chastain's McQueen gown from last year that started my love affair with the designs or maybe it's that Kate looks amazing in most everything, but I was really digging this sleek yet slightly military look.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture- She is a stunning creature and this a stunning dress.

Isla Fischer in Reem Acra- I just love the illusion top of this dress. I am sure to stand right next to it, I would appreciate it so much more. PS. Isla is adorable.

Amy Adams in Marchesa- Also adorable is Amy Adams. I think this was a very classic and safe look for her but nonetheless I thought she looked angelic.


Taylor Swift in Donna Karan- I think this eggplant purple apron number reminds me far too much of a prom dress from my Class of 2000, which makes it about 10+ year out of style for me. Taylor has a lot of colors better suited to her than this or maybe I am just sick of looking at her face. Also, why was she there?

Guilian Rancic-  Maybe it's the high neck/shoulder cutout combo that left me wanting more or the face that the front of the dress makes her chest look very strange but this was one of my least favorite looks of the night.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang- Such a tiny framy swimming in far too much dress.

Alyssa Milano in Unknown, Possibly Port 1961 - It's called steaming the dress but even if there hadn't been any wrinkles, I would still feel this dress was ill fitted and in such a bright color that it left me wishing she went in a different direction. Less potato sack more demure, new mom.

Marion Coutillard in Dior Haute Couture- I get her allegience to Dior but for such a swanky event, I wish I had seen so much more from such a classic beauty. Not doing a single thing for me.

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein- Two Words: Droopy Boobage

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen- I am so sorry Lena, because I do love you but this dress just didn't do you any justice. I celebrate an average woman, but this dress has pleats in the wrong places and is it brown? Or poo poo Taylor Swift purple? I don't really know.

Halle Berry- Obviously, Halle always looks stunning but this dress left me with a bit of a scratching of my head moment. Maybe the slit is too reminscent of Angelina Jolie circa last year or perhaps it was the strange beachy type, resort print that seemed out of place on the red carpet.

Julianne Hough in Monique Lhullier- No matter how hard I try to like her looks, I can't seem to find many fashion choices of Julianne's that leave me breathless. This may sound mean, but I really think that she tries too hard with her red carpet looks and ends up usually, unfortunately, going overboard.
Who were your faves? Who did you dislike? Weigh in!


  1. Girlfriend!! I agree with virtually ALL of your picks! Taylor's dress reminded me of a prom dress too, and I didn't like her hair. But she was there bc she was nominated for her Hunger Games song. I loved Julianne Hough's dress - that's the only dress on your worst that I loved. Although - Claire Danes might have been my fave. She is effortless, stunning, and just gave birth 4 weeks ago.

  2. Seriously, I saw Claire Danes and was like Dang, girl, you look good for just giving birth!

  3. I think Nicole Ritchie looked really aged in the blue laced dress and the blue eyeshadow was not working for me...made me look twice but not in a good way! lol I must agree with you on Halle Berry's dress...not what I expected. I will be honest and say that split was just too high and very Angelina Jolie like, not to mention her bust was not looking propah. You think?

  4. I'm loving Emily Blunt's dress! She looks stunning.

  5. I think you're right about Nicole looking older in this get up. Maybe I like that about her because I am still trying to shake the haunting images of her and Paris Hilton in that ridiculous show they were on when they were younger. And I totally agree about Halle. She still looks gorgeous despite that dress being a bit more than wrong.

  6. I most definitely have a girl crush on Emily Blunt in this dress!

  7. Amanda Seyfriend and Kate Hudson looked great! And so did Michelle Dockery - you forgot her! And I wouldn't say that Julia Louis-Dreyfus should be on the worst dressed list! I wouldn't put her on the best, but the dress was fine.


  8. I love Amanda Seyfried in everything lately! I'm sorry I forgot Michelle Dockery haha <3


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