Monday, January 7, 2013

New Hair Equipment was Needed

I was blow drying my hair the other day, upside down, like I normally do. My hair is so thick and luxurious (well, maybe not luxurious) that it takes close to a week for me to dry it and I often have to tip my head to the side upside down, out an open car window while driving... you get the picture. I think that my hair definitely works my equipment overtime so it was no surprise to me when my blow dryer started sputtering/powering on and off on it's own. Needless to say, after a couple of uses like this, I started fearing I would be electrocuted and girl, I have got things I want to do in this life; I'm not letting a faulty hair dryer take me out of the game. Sooooo fast forward to the man getting me the Tracy Reese for Target Neimun Marcus jobbie for Christmas. #1 It didn't fit quite right and #1 we both felt it was shoddy quality for the $80 he spent on it... so off to Target we went to return my shirt and get a whole lot more for his money... for me!

So Obvi, I bought some goods.

Have you ever just had to get new equipment?!


  1. his money... for me! hahaha...I like your thinking!!

  2. Love this post!

  3. my hair is exactly the same! soaks up water like a sponge! haha a good hair dryer is definitely a great investment!

  4. how do you like that blowdryer? i'm in the market...mine has a blue electrical lightening bolt going on in part of it i'm scared to use it. heading to target this weekend for sure!

  5. seriously you are speaking my language! i have been using the same hair dryer and curling iron since college which was many moons ago. i often practice what i would do in a case of emergency where one of these two tools died on me... love this post!

  6. I've had my hair dryer for ages - but since a good portion of them were spent with a pixie cut, it got limited use. Now that I've got hair past my shoulders, it gets a workout a few times a week. But lately, the warm setting isn't so warm, and I have to boost it to 'scalding' to achieve 'tepid'...

    let us know how the new one works - am looking for a recommendation -


  7. Honestly, Target has a great selection and the prices are spot on. Great in an emergency ;-)

  8. Shelby, that hair dryer is powerful. The one I had before I thought was good but this bad larry dries my hair in half the time which is huge because my hair is so thick!

  9. We got marries so now it's even more my money ;-) haha he'll be mad I typed that!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Hanna! Thick hair sistahs! haha

  11. This hair dryer, is no lie, the best I have ever had. Super warm and high power... maybe mine before was just a sad dryer but this one makes it look even sadder!

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