Friday, January 18, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target, Sign Me Up I Suppose

I know since I moaned and complained about the Missoni for Target debacle over a year ago, the Jason Wu collab left me a little to be desired and the most recent Target/Neimun Marcus collection was overpriced (FYI, that's how I feel), you'd think I wouldn't really be interested in the upcoming Prabal Gurung for Target collab set to hit stores and online February 10th... well, you'd be wrong. After getting a full look at the collection on and their corresponding prices, I am all about it. Seriously, these prices are back to Target basics and the prints are sweet, flirty and typical Prabal Gurung.

Sweatshirt in First Date print, $29.99; pencil skirt in Dresden blue, $29.99; tote in Nolita print, $39.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99, Dress in First Date print, $34.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; crystal teardrop necklace, $39.99; flat sandals, $29.99

Sleeveless blouse in First Date print, $26.99; pleated skirt with lace in Sulfur print, $29.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings in Dresden blue, $14.99; bangles, $16.99 each; wedge sandals, $29.99, Short-sleeve dress in First Date print and black, $39.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; floral necklace, $39.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; wedge sandals in Apple red, $29.99

Blazer in Floral Crush print, $49.99; long-sleeve tee, $19.99; shorts in Floral Crush print, $26.99; crystal teardrop pendant necklace, $19.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99, Dress with full skirt in Floral Crush print, $49.99; ankle-strap pumps in Sulfur Spring, $39.99

Short-sleeve dress in Calypso coral/Atlantis, $39.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps in Dresden blue, $39.99, Cardigan in Dresden blue and Calypso coral, $32.99; sweater in Dresden blue/Atlantis, $29.99; tank top, $19.99; miniaudiere in Nolita print, $34.99; ankle-strap pumps in Apple red, $39.99

Sleeveless dress in Meet The Parents print, $44.99; crystal stone tassel earrings, $16.99; crystal stone cutout bangles, $24.99 each; lace-up pumps, $39.99, Pintuck dress, $49.99; lace miniaudiere, $34.99; floral earrings, $14.99; ankle-strap pumps, $39.99

Lace-up pumps in Meet The Parents print, $39.99, Ankle-strap black and Apple red, $39.99 each, Ankle-strap pumps in Blazing yellow and Dresden blue, $39.99 each, Wedge sandals in Apple red and black/gray/white, $29.99 each

Are you game for this collection's arrival in stores February 10th?

via Elle


  1. I totally agree about the Target/NM stuff being so crazy overpriced. I got the three things I wanted last week @ 70% off. PG's dresses are so cute, unfortunately those cuts look AWFUL on me. I'm excited to see the products in person, though.

  2. I am game! I feel the same way you did about the Neiman Marcus line. I only bought something when it was 70% off!


  3. soooo I want all of the clothes. the shoes aren't doing much for me, though.

  4. Laura, my man bought me the Target/NM Tracy Reese shirt at full price and we actually returned it because there was SO much of it on Clearance that it wasn't fair haha. $80 for polyester burned my biscuits!

  5. Yeah, I have to say one of my favorite things about Target is the clothing clearance haha!

  6. I don't know Mol, those laced up jobbies make me want to walk the streets selling my biscuits for money ;-) but for realz, I really need the coral and blue cardi, that's my "must" purchase!

  7. I don't normally go for these Target collaborations, but I'm in love with this collection. Ditto on the shoes though, not feeling it.

  8. You know what's funny is that I get my best and most long lasting flats at Target, so I miiiiiiiiight pick up a pair of the PB flats (not pictured)...but yes, I am also in love with this collection :-)

  9. Gorgeous collection.
    Love it!

  10. looks like an awesome collection!


    ♥ Ellen


    + Instagram

  11. Love this blog! It's like a professional magazine.

    Definietely going to keep up with it :)


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