Friday, November 16, 2012

The Infinity Scarf, a DIY [Guest Post]

Hello Prim and Propah readers! I’m Amy, the blogger behind Creative Soul Spectrum, and I’m thrilled to be here guest posting for Amanda while she takes some time to get ready for her big day!

With the chill in the air lately, I’m so excited to bring all of my scarves back into my accessory rotation! Knit scarves, silk scarves, floral scarves, infinity scarves, I’m ready for them all! But, as a creative DIY blogger, I didn’t just want to tell you how much I love my scarves, I’m going to tell you how to make one of my favorite kinds... the infinity scarf.

Sewing an infinity scarf is super easy, and it’s a project that even a beginner sewer could take on. The first thing you want to do is pick out the perfect fabric. I chose a light material so that I could wear my scarf in winter, spring, or fall, but any scarf-like fabric will do. Next you’ll want to cut your fabric. I cut mine to measure 2 ¾ yards long by ½ yard wide.

Once you’ve cut your fabric, fold it in half the long way, right sides facing and pin in place. If you’re new to sewing, the “right side” is the side of the fabric that is more vibrant (aka the part of the fabric that will show when your final product is done). So when you fold your fabric in half with the right sides facing, you will actually be looking at the wrong/ less vibrant side of the fabric.

Next, sew along the long edge. You should now have a very long tube of material that is inside out. Now you can flip it inside right! Then fold the whole piece in half the short way.

Once you’ve folded your fabric, you should have both open ends of the ‘tube’ laying one on top of the other. Line up the seams (right sides facing) and pin together. Sew the edges of the open ends of the scarf together leaving a 3 inch opening at the end.

At this point your scarf should look complete aside from the small opening at the end. Hand sew or machine sew the small hole shut with thread that matches your fabric.

Voila! Now you have a brand new infinity scarf! You can adjust the length of your scarf by wrapping it around your neck either 2 or 3 times. Enjoy!

*Creative Soul Spectrum is a DIY/Design/Photography/Lifestyle blog written by a girl who likes to do it all and then share what she learns with her readers. Through her blog, Amy hopes to inspire others to try new things and to harness their creativity. You can follow her adventures on Facebook  / Twitter @CSSpectrum /  Instagram @CSSpectrum.


  1. what an awesome diy post! totally going to try this! thank you for guest posting!

  2. This is an amazing DIY post!! Everyone loves a good infinity scarf! ;)

  3. I know it was a great post to have on the blog! Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!


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