Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Laquerous Launched Today, Are You In?

If you travel in my social media circles, today has been a day for nail polish rental. You heard me correctly; there is a newly launched site, called Lacquerous, where you can rent designer nail polishes on a monthly basis for less than the price of one bottle they offer (in most cases). So what's the sitch?

From Refinery29: Lacquerous, Like Netflix and Rent The Runway before it, this subscription polish club revolves around the concept that renting is just the same, if not better, than owning something high-end. Here's how it works: Members pay a flat rate of $18 a month and are sent three designer nail polish shades to paint and play with for 30 days. After the month is up, members pack up the polishes and send them back with the prepaid postage label, then three new polishes are delivered a few days later.

The site currently has nine brands which include Tom Ford, Deborah Lippmann, NARS, Butter London, OPI, Chanel, MAC, Dior, and Dolce & Gabbana. Save OPI, these are not brands that I ever use because, frankly, they are too expensive for me to buy on a bottle to bottle basis. So in this regard, the service makes sense to me. When I asked my online buds to tell me what they think about the possibility of renting nail polishes, the opinions were mixed. One friend immediately noted she thought it was "gross" while another thought it was "a fantastic idea". I think I fall somewhere in the middle. We share our nail polish at the salon so why couldn't we share designer polish with one another? 

Currently, there is a waiting list to join the membership club. I put myself on said waiting list because I am never one to knock it until I have tried it. We shall see how long it is before I can decide for myself if this will be money well spent.

What do you think about renting/sharing nail polish in a membership club?

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via Refinery29

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  1. As Shultz said from Hogan's Heroes. Very Interesting.


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