Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Azealia Banks for ASOS Christmas Collection [Sponsored Video]

I actually have some places to go this Holiday season so obviously, I have been thinking about some new, somewhat sassy pieces that are the "very rare" type of purchase. I have only been making very prudent purchases lately, you know those staples that you can be sure will earn their keep in the wardrobe. I haven't even been thinking about buying a bejeweled midriff baring top that would stop the show. (editor's note: I would never wear a midriff baring top). What I am saying here, people, is that I need to buy something out of my ordinary... and that's where, seriously, ASOS Christmas and Winter collections come into play. As I write this blog post, I have another screen open to ASOS where I alternate going page by page, looking at the hundreds and hundreds of items that they offer. Ask most girls and they will tell you that they can lose hours on the ASOS site.

I happen to love one of the spokespersons for the ASOS Christmas collection, Azealia Banks, who if you didn't know is a rad rapper and singer. She, unlike me, can pull of a bejeweled midriff baring top and make it look effortless. She is radiant and that's what I want to achieve with my "rare" purchase... something that people will look at me and say #1 you look amazing and #2 where did you get that?

Soooo not only can you buy great duds, you can win them from ASOS as well… sounds pretty good right? For a chance to win Azealia's wardrobe from her video, make sure you pin from the video below and use the hashtag #BestNightEver so that you’re entered. Pretty dang easy, am I right? I am happy to help celebrate my holidays with free stuff and I don’t think we could be friends if you didn’t, so yeah.

Be sure to follow ASOS on Twitter and like ASOS on Facebook for all the updates on this collection, the latest steals and everything glittery. I am really digging so much on the site right now that I couldn't begin to share it all with you. One thing that is on my must have list though is the following fabulous ensemble.
ASOS Pencil Skirt in Baroque Chain Print, $35.18, ASOS APOLLO Studded Boots, $123.13, ASOS Petite Exclusive Sequin Jacket, $114.34

*This post is sponsored by ASOS. All opinions are 100% mine and anything written in this post is content put together by me and only me.


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