Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obsession Alert: Etsy Goodies

It is this time of year when I start thinking about gift giving (and yes, gift getting) and always end up back around Etsy for interesting and unique gifts for the ones I love in this world. This year is a smidge different because the man and I are getting married directly after the new year and thusly are not really celebrating Christmas in the traditional sense because #1 I do not have the time to be shopping for gifts #2 We literally are just signing the papers on a new home so don't really have any money and #3 did I mention that we are getting married? Ugh, I cannot wait for it to be over so that I can get on with my life, haha.

In any event, just because I am not buying gifts, doesn't mean I can't pick out some of my favorite Etsy items this year. I mean, there might be some that I just have to get for my ladies or they just must get for me (hint hint) but what's a blog for if not to share obsession worthy items, am I right? OK, so let's get this show on the road.
Peacock Ore Stud Earrings, $19, A la Pop Bone Elephant Earrings and Earcuff, $22 , Petal and Pink Gold Bronze Crystal Earrings, $15, Lil' Kittens Post Earrings, $8.50
I have somewhat eclectic tastes so these might seem like a modge podge of favorites but Mama don't care! I am more an earring girl that anything else so had to include some super affordable must haves, especially the elephant earrings with ear cuff.... I will try an ear cuff in the near future, you just watch me.

NUDA Sandy Relief Pyrite Bracelet, $8, OPHINE Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Necklace, $32,  Maison Vee's Teacup Necklace, $27, My Singing Bird Anchor Friendship Bracelet, $5

If you desire something dainty and awesome, I love some of the bracelets and necklaces that people are selling on Etsy. Of course, you are still going to see a lot of the same from people who all buy their supplies in the same place but there are tiny treasures as well. I love jewelry with a sense of humor and a unique touch.

Rumina Black Long Fingerless Gloves, $39, Beanieville Slouchie Beanie Hat, $24.95, Anytime Scarf Oatmeal Chunky Knitted Scarf, $43, Mittens Fox in Lambswool, $48
Since we are hitting some colder weather in the Northeast, I am looking to beef up my Winter wardrobe with scarves, knit hats, mittens and the fingerless gloves, which I MUST have with the temperature in my office being substandard and subzero! I also love vintage pieces like these fox mittens. Couldn't you just swoon over these?

OmniaVTG Rainbow Carpet Bag, $65, Vintage Clutch with Silk Art Print, $20. Leather French Game Hunting Bag, $95, Vintage 60's Basket Purse, $30.40

And lastly, I am obsessed with vintage bags and boy, does Etsy have a nice stash of them. You can get anything from your cheapy shabby chic purses to really well worn leather bags that are like buttah! Like shoes, I have far too many bags, but what's one more, am I right?

What are your favorite items for Holiday from Etsy?

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