Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars, Episode 3

So as I start every post, I warn you that I will spoil the episode... so that being said, if you still haven't seen it, do not read this post... unless, of course, you don't care about having the winner and loser shown to you in advance. I would also like to apologize if I seem negative about something that I, as a fashion lover, should adore. If something I love disappoints me, then I am going to let it know.

Oh Project Runway All Stars, how I have a love-hate relationship with you. I love to hate you while watching an entire episode geared towards Miss Piggy, who I generally adore. I love to hate all the designers. I love to hate what divas they have become... I don't love to hate Host Angela Lindvall though... She seems to have no personality at all.

Our designers have been tasked with making an outfit for Miss Piggy to promote The Muppets Movie (which has been out for months so I found the timing to be weird). I do love that every single designer seems to embrace this challenge as something fun and out of their comfort zone. I do, however, get irritated by the end of the episode as each and every designer talks about how excited they are to meet Miss Piggy. They are all talking about her as if she was a real person. This is where I feel like I don't know how to have fun anymore.

Designer highlights (or lowlights) from this episode?

Rami Kashou: He was in the top this week for bringing it this challenge. What does Miss Piggy want? I have a feeling she would want over the top. We can thank Rami for going there.

Kenley Collins: Despite my mild distaste for Kenley, I was digging this pink giraffe print jobbie that she created. It landed her in the top and I would have to agree. It fit the challenge and she did a good job. I also want to ask her what she did with that teal sheer fabric she did not use... because Mama wants the scraps!

Rami's Look (Left) and Kenley's Look (right)
Michael Costello: And for the win! Surprise it's Michael Costello. I will admit, I did not think Michael would win this challenge because I felt Rami did an outstanding job making a Piggy-licious frock but Michael;s gorgeous dress won over the judges and I am not disappointed... and way to go Michael. Underdog it is. On a side note: Does Michael's model look familiar to anyone else? Maybe she was on America's Top Model? Anyone?

Michael's Winning Look
Anthony Williams: Personally, I thought Anthony had the best design. I actually find myself still thinking about this dress as I am writing this post. It was fun, flirty and totally wearable. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately for me (and Anthony) it was only good enough to keep him safe this week.

Anthony's Look
Austin Scarlett: My dearest Austin... I have not even started my first fashion design class and I could have told you that a bow on either side of Miss Piggy's hips would be a bad idea. I was saddened yet not surprised when you landed in the bottom three. 

Mila Hermanovski: All I have to say to Mila is... No single designer is too good for a challenge. Your aesthetic is not Miss Piggy's aesthetic. I hope being in the bottom three taught you a lesson tonight, Mila.

Mila's Look (Left), Austin's Look (Right)
Gordana Gehihausen: I was really starting to like Gordana. I think I mentioned before that she might have been forgettable (to me) in her season. In the mere three episodes that she graced Project Runway All Stars, I felt as if she was a solid craftswoman with a good head on her shoulders, something I can totally appreciate. Unfortunately, her design also landed her in the bottom three and unfortunately OUT. When I saw our bottom three (Mila, Austin and Gordana), I knew that Gordana's fate was sealed.... doesn't mean I won't miss her.

Gordana's Losing Look

What did you think of last night's episode?


  1. I thought that Anthony Williams, Kenley and Rami would be top 3, (though I couldn't get myself to like Rami's, as Miss Piggy as it was...).  Micheal's dress, as much as it pains me to say it, was gorgeous, I couldn't see MP wearing it.

    Overall this episode fell flat with me. I wasn't feeling anything from the designers until they all got excited about "meeting" Miss Piggy, which, like you, I thought was bizarre.

  2. Yeah it fell flat for me too, although I am trying to be more positive about it overall! I saw your tweet about Mondo's fabric choice last night and while I agree, I don't think he used it that well. Soweee!

  3. I loved Anthony's dress and wanted him in the top.  I thought Rami should probably when the challenge even though I liked Michael's dress.  Rami's dress was definitely something I could see Miss Piggy wearing.  I really miss Tim and Heidi!

  4. Oh I thought Mondo tried too hard with the whole "bringing Piggy back to her childhood" bit in his dress, the fabric was just lovely.

    I also miss Tim and Heidi.


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