Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year of Doing it All

So as most of you already know, the engagement to be married has become a focal point in my life in the past few weeks but something else has come to a head, and that is my life long dream of going to school for Fashion Design.... something that I have just become acutely aware of still being my dream.

Upon graduating from High School, I did apply to colleges based on this dream, being accepted into multiple fashion design programs but when it all came down to it, my family and I decided that going into a Business program would be a more marketable degree something I could work with in many, many different fields. When you are 17/18 years old, you make decisions based on silly things and in looking back, I wish I could have given myself a couple of pointers. In the end, I chose to go to the school that I did based on how many girls from my High School were going there. In retrospect? Not the greatest reason to choose a college but had I to do it over again, I would make the same decision. I met some of the greatest people I know and some of the best friends I will ever have by going to that school.

As for my degree? I do not regret the decision to go to school for business. When I graduated, I got a job almost immediately. Actually, if I recall correctly, I started working before I even got my actual diploma. Then when the economy tanked, I still remained employed, which was a blessing. I sincerely believe that my business degree has made me more marketable and perhaps a more sound investment to employers... fast forward to present day. I am pretty successful for my late 20's but when I actual drive to work, plunk down at my computer and do my actual job, am I that excited to do it? No, not at all. I have this blog, which I love, but I want to be doing something amazeballs with my time, all the time. Whether that is designing fashion? Or working with my business degree in a fashion environment, I don't know but I do know it's something I want to pursue.

I am older and wiser. This year, I want to go to school for Fashion Design. I have a business degree behind me. Let's get 'er done. This year, I want to put a lot of effort into planning a fantastic wedding and not forget about the man who is the one who gave me the ring. This year, I want to be an amazing bridesmaid to my good friend Nathalie, who asked me to be in her September wedding before I even knew about mine. This year, I want to build this blog into something more; I want it to take on a life of it's own (hopefully somewhat organically). This Spring, I want to go on a vacation to Iceland with my man and his bestie/bestie's wife... That may seem like a lot to plan around in one year but I say, why not try to have it all? 

I just enrolled in my first class of the Fashion Design Graduate Certificate Program at Mass College of Art and Design in Boston. The program requires that you take one of the preliminary courses and then apply to the bigger program once you pass that first class. I am taking Intro to Creative Fashion Design this Spring semester with the hopes of taking Fashion Illustration this Summer before I even get into to the program. I would take the Fall off, as I have Nathalie's wedding, possibly my own and the Holidays to plan for. I would also be applying with my portfolio in November so, I think I will probably need some time for that as well. Any way you slice it, I am pretty darn excited about exploring this opportunity that my life and business degree have afforded me.

I am not about New Year's resolutions this year... I am about living my life to the fullest and pursuing things I want to do all the time (if possible)... Why resolve to do things, when you can just do them? We shall see how long I can keep this motivation up and I am sure there will be some days where I will need help keeping positive but I am excited to pursue my dreams, marry the man of my dreams, create memories and keep you all updated on the pursuit of my new degree.

What are your hopes for this year? What do you hope to accomplish?


  1. You're inspiring. It's nice to see a blog that's also about real life and real fashion.

  2. Your blog gives me some great inspiration.. You need to focus on your goals and succeed in doing so. Congrats on getting engaged. and good luck with wanting to be a fashion designer. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on IFB about my blog. I have now followed you on FB  - Name Laura Dunleavy and also following you on Twitter. Also, I would be very interested in a link exchange. 

    Im so looking forward to future posts.  

  3. following u dear
    now follow my blog


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