Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway All Stars, Episode 2

Yet another week has come and gone on the Project Runway All Stars Season. Again, I remind my readers to stop reading if you don't want this week's episode ruined for you, either with a spoiler or my negativity.

So this week's challenge was a dress for the opera challenge which seems pretty straight forward. The catch, I guess, is that our designers only have $350 and 5 hours, so time and funds are limited. I am still not 100% enjoying this season as we enter into episode two and I will give you some examples why:

Austin Scarlett: I love him, I really do but according to him and every other designer "This is Austin Scarlett's challenge". Guess what? He won the challenge. Sorry guys, there was no contest apparently. The entire episode, Austin makes mention of this being his challenge and he would be really disappointed in himself if he didn't do well, all the while knowing he would do well. My favorite moment of the episode was when Gordana was like, Austin if this is what you do all the time (make couture dresses) then just make one. She of course, said this to a camera and not to Austin, but still, she said what I was thinking.

Jerrel Scott : This man is getting on my last nerve and we are only on episode two. He was SO full of himself the.entire.episode and while he was not on the bottom, he most certainly was not in the top. There were at least 3 instances where the producers cut to Jerrel talking about himself in 3rd person about how he knocked this one out of the park. Newsflash Jerrel, your dress was not that fabulous.

Kara Janx: I LOVED Kara Janx on her season. Loved her wrap dresses, loved her accent, just plain loved her. Fast forward years later, and she isn't the same Kara. She seems melancholy and downtrodden. Even Mondo makes mention of her being one of the weakest competitors. Sweet, innocent Mondo... I agree with you. I am hoping she gets a little more pep in her step but this ep she was in the bottom three, so it could go either way.

April Johnston: Brooding, indifferent, moody... She seems like she couldn't give two sh!ts about this competition and it landed her in the bottom two this episode. You don't want to be here sweety? Do us all a favor and leave. If you really do want to be here and this is just an act? You're dumb.

Sweet P: See my post from last week's episode. Just as I had anticipated, Sweet P was brought in to be one of the first to go. So long sweet Sweet P. You are lovely but shouldn't have really been in the All Star competition in the first place.

All the low notes aside, I really did like some of the fashion. Mondo had this ADORABLE mod sort of futuristic look that I thought was really interesting. Gordana surprised me with this purple number that I thought moved like a wish upon a star and reminded me a little of a modern Daisy Buchanon... and just like everyone else, I loved Austin's black and gold dreamy dress.

Did you watch it last night? Did you receive any enjoyment from it?


  1. I love Mondo's 60's kind of future look, but obvi Austin was taking this one.

  2. I also LOVED Mondo's look!  And yes, couldn't agree more about what you had to say about April!

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