Monday, January 30, 2012

Screen Actors Guild Faves, Ladies in White

I was on a plane last night, heading back from San Fransisco, so I missed the SAG Awards (both the red carpet and the awards ceremony itself) but that didn't mean that I wasn't totally ready to scope out the fashion when I woke up from my post red eye nap! Here is a short list of some of my favorite looks of the night... and they are all ladies who wore white for the evening!

Lena Headey, Gretchen Mol, Judy Greer
Maybe it's because I have been eyeballin' wedding gown lately but I think the ladies that stole the show for me last night were those ladies wearing white. Just like wedding gowns, each of these ladies' dresses were different from one another and all equally stunning to me. Lena Headey, Gretchen Mol and Judy Greer all had great white gowns. Lena's had silver beaded sleeves that were reminiscent of flapper era styles. Gretchen's gown was simple with pops of gold at the waist and collar but for some reason it just really stood out to me. Judy's dress was lacy, delicate and romantic... and of course she looked beautiful (side bar: I think Judy Greer has gotten better with age. She is lovlier every day.)

Rose Byrne
My favorite look of the night (and I know people will disagree with me on this) was Rose Byrne in an Elie Saab jumpsuit. Her hair gets more adorable every day. The beading on this jumpsuit is divine. her jewelry and clutch are fabulous. I am love love loving this look. Oh and I forgot to mention, that it was white; just plain lovely.

Did you watch the awards show last night? Did you have your favorite looks or themes in the gowns?

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