Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sleep W.E.L.L, Live Well

I've been wanting to get this post live for quite some time now but as you know, life gets in the way sometimes. What with the holidays and what seems like illness on top of sick, we are rolling right into 2016 this week, which made me start thinking about what my "resolutions" for the New Year are. I kind of don't like making resolutions because I should want to be better all year long, not just at the New Year but let's be honest, resolutions are a good way to get yourself motivated and make a little "improvements list" for yourself. One thing that I am so glad that I did for myself in 2015 was attending the W.E.L.L. Summit in November. I learned a lot about things I was already aware of (ethical clothing + green beauty) but there were things I wasn't expecting to take away from the weekend that are now on my "improvements list". One of these things was to really take a hold of what my family is sleeping on. It won't be an immediate change but educating myself and others is the first step in sleeping well to live well. Two brands on site at the W.E.L.L. Summit were Coyuchi and Naturepedic, both of which want you to be aware of what traditional mattresses and bedding can contain. Let's not be scared, let's just take control. I had the opportunity to chat with the folks at Coyuchi and Naturepedic about the importance of Sleeping Well so that you could learn a lil' about it too!

Sleeping well is so important to living a healthy lifestyle, but it's not just about the amount of sleep you get but about where you are sleeping and what on. What is the most important thing you think my readers should know about what they are sleeping on?

Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi says, "It’s important to create an organic bed made with certified organic materials that are safely produced.  Then look for the right fabrics that are best for how you sleep.  Sateen sheets and a warmer blanket are best for those who sleep cold. Percale and a lightweight blanket work best for warm sleepers."

Heidi Baumgart of Naturepedic adds that "Good sleep is necessary for good health! We’ve all heard that cell phones, bright lights, noise, and other factors can impact the quality of sleep, but most people don’t consider the mattress. Conventional mattresses contain chemicals that are foreign to our bodies and may also be impacting the health and quality of sleep. Your sleep environment should be a safe and comfortable place to escape the chemical bombardment of modern day life. There’s enough pollution in our environment, we can at least try to eliminate it from our bedrooms."

What is important to look out for when searching for bedding/home textiles that is healthy for our families?

"Naturepedic mattresses are made with certified organic cotton fabric and filling, organic wool and some models have certified organic latex." says Heidi. "NONE of our products contain flame retardant chemicals or a slew of other chemicals that may show up in mattresses made with more flammable materials such as polyurethane foam. Here’s our list of chemicals we just won’t use!" 

Eileen gives some great (and easy) advice on what to look for in your bedding. "Look for certified organic cotton, processed to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so there is assurance the product is safely produced.  It’s best to avoid wrinkle free or easy care type finishes that are likely to contain formaldehyde.  Avoid softeners as they reduce absorbency which is a key element to comfort while sleeping."


When asked what their favorite products were, the Sleep WELL duo were happy to make recommendation for my Prim and Propah readers. "My favorite Coyuchi product is our 300 Percale Sheets which are crisp and smooth, and cool to the touch." Eileen says. "I like to pair the 300 Percale with a fashion duvet, such as our Geo Stripe Duvet, with a lightweight down insert. Top the bed with a throw blanket such as our Cozy Cotton throw and there's an extra layer for colder nights. Layering the bed looks great and is a practical way to sleep soundly as the temperatures change each season." 

Heidi has us covered whether the Naturepedic mattress is for Mama or Baby. "My favorite adult mattress is the EOS Organic Sleep System. The EOS has customizable comfort layers for different levels of firmness, so you and your sleeping partners can choose totally different feels! The EOS is shipped Ground in five boxes and you can actually swap your comfort layers within 90 days if it just wasn’t exactly the right feel. And a Naturepedic MUST is our waterproof protector pads made with organic cotton fabrics. We have three different ones for baby, kids, and adults. A waterproof pad is an investment to protect your mattress from spills and more, especially if you have kids or pets in bed."

One thing is for certain, these brands are paving the way for us to sleep better by making a conscious decision about what we are sleeping on. You can make a quick start by changing up your sheets and set a long term goal for your next mattress to be all organic, you just have to set your mind to making your environment, especially at home, a better one. When I asked Eileen and Heidi what they had in store for the future both made mention that the brands are looking to expand, either in presence or product lines.

"In January 2016, we'll bring some new printed sheets that mix and match with our solid and embroidered sheets. We have some new linen bedding, sheet sets, duvets and blankets" says Eileen. "We love linen for bedding because of its ability to naturally regulate temperature and due to it's great durability for long term use."

"We are very excited about the expansion of Naturepedic Organic Mattress Galleries around the country. Over the past two years we have grown to serve Beverly Hills, Toronto, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, and most recently Silicon Valley." Heidi excitedly tells me. "It has been amazing to open our doors to these communities to provide our expertise about healthier sleep. Naturepedic’s goal is to educate and provide a safer sleep environment for everyone!"

You can find Naturepedic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking to connect with Coyuchi? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too!

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