Friday, December 11, 2015

"What do the holidays mean to you?" It's an interesting question when you think about the wide range of answers you could receive when you ask it. The holidays will come and go with the blink of an eye but don't you think it would be amazing to stop and take note of what we have, what we are thankful for and + also take the opportunity to get a glimpse of what makes the holidays so special for other people? Every day this week, you can stop by to find out what the holidays mean to a variety of talented ladies, some of whom you may know and others you might not... but one thing is for certain, they were excited to share their experiences with you. They are bloggers, makers, teachers, writers ...they are women who I admire. Each lady submitted a picture of their choice to show a little more about themselves and I love what everyone contributed! I am going to introduce you to each woman with one thing I love about them.
  • Emily of Shell Chic'd is stylin' and profilin' especially when it comes to those whimsical, nautical things about New England, right down to her great clothes. She's a little bit preppy, a little bit sassy but a whole lot of cute!
  • Renata of Untouchable Blog isn't just a fashion blogger, she's a fashion writer. Her pieces aren't fluff, they're well researched and enjoyable to read and I think there should more writers like her. *Drops Mic*
  • Jessica of Oh I Design combines a sweet and thoughtful personality with a killer eye for design and I'm all like OMG can we be #BestFriendsForever? Now that we're both trying to spread the good word about wellness and natural beauty, I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled for what Jess has up next!
  • Alaina of So Alaina writes from the heart and with honestly. *swoon* I think I can speak for us both when I say that the more that we know more about each other, the more we really like eachother! Values and Integrity and a little bit of Sass!
  • Emily of Livin Lemon is as lovely as the sun is bright. When she walks in, I'm immediately psyched and have to look up ;-)! She's fun and fit and happens to blog about yummy things!
  • Lynn of Gold West Vintage is a jewelry + fashion blogger who will always has the eye candy flowing and I have to say that I have had a renewed interest in Gold because of all the intros Lynn's posted on her feeds. Bonus: She sprinkles snaps of an adorable baby in there, too which this Mama likes!
  • Katherine of Style Tab is a self proclaimed crazy cat lady but one who's got style and grace all over the place. She blogs about attainable style  + fashion but has fun personality which makes her an "it" girl in my eyes!
  • Amanda of Prim and Propah wanted to round up as many ladies as possible to put something together that was sentimental, fun, spirited and a little bit dangerous. 3 out of 4 ain't bad!
What could make this an even better series, you ask? My answer to you would be, 5 AMAZING brands who jumped at the chance to help us celebrate by offering giveaways to our readers. Make sure to read each gal's blurb (+ click their picture to visit their site) and also see what Yummie by Heather Thomson has for one lucky reader!
Emily of Shell Chic'd
Renata of Untouchable Blog
Jessica of Oh I Design
Alaina of So Alaina
Emily of Livin Lemon
Lynn of Gold West Vintage
Katherine of Style Tab

Yummie by Heather Thomson

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