Monday, December 7, 2015

"What do the holidays mean to you?" It's an interesting question when you think about the wide range of answers you could receive when you ask it. The holidays will come and go with the blink of an eye but don't you think it would be amazing to stop and take note of what we have, what we are thankful for and + also take the opportunity to get a glimpse of what makes the holidays so special for other people? Every day this week, you can stop by to find out what the holidays mean to a variety of talented ladies, some of whom you may know and others you might not... but one thing is for certain, they were excited to share their experiences with you. They are bloggers, makers, teachers, writers ...they are women who I admire. Each lady submitted a picture of their choice to show a little more about themselves and I love what everyone contributed! I am going to introduce you to each woman with one thing I love about them.
  • Natalie of The Boston Day Book has a voracious love of travel + adventure. I love that she has seen so much and been to so many places. She's one lady who is fun to follow!
  • Elizabeth of is as spirited as she is creative. Elizabeth hand paints the most wonderful jewelry and blogs about life in such a stylish way that you can't help but want to join her in whatever it is she is doing!
  • Michelle of Littlest Warrior Apparel is an amazing woman and my definitition of "Warrior Mama". Littlest Warrior Apparel is not even a year old yet but Michelle + her family have made it their job to spread awareness and inclusion one t shirt at a time!
  • Gabriella of By Gabriella is one of the first ladies that I ever met through blogging and what I love about her is that she is such a champion for "Woman Power" be it through sharing other's stories/recipes/DIYs or through The Lady Project.
  • Quiana of Harlem Lovebirds is not only raising two kids, putting NH bloggers on the map and rocking her positive attitude on the 'nets but she is doing it all with such grace, class and overall friendliness that you just can't help but love her!
  • Elissa of Style Wire is gorgeous, sassy and has a touch of edge to her style posts. She makes me laugh and is definitely a gal to watch!
What could make this an even better series, you ask? My answer to you would be, 5 AMAZING brands who jumped at the chance to help us celebrate by offering giveaways to our readers. Make sure to read each gal's blurb (+ click their picture to visit their site) and also see what Synergy Organic Clothing has for one lucky reader!

Natalie of The Boston Day Book
Elizabeth of
Michelle of Littlest Warrior Apparel
Gabriella of By Gabriella
Quiana of Harlem Lovebirds
Elissa of Style Wire

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