Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Cocktail Recipes Get in My Belly

Oooooh the Holidays, they're enough to drive you to drink, which is why I am sharing a tasty holiday drink recipe with you today! I was lucky enough to enjoy a delicious and delightful tasting dinner at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill last week and not only did we eat like Queens, we learned how to make some yummy holiday drinks! When I first heard we were making an Italian Egg Nog Martini, I was not impressed. I am not a huge fan of egg nog in it's usual holiday uses but this scrumptious drink totally changed my mind. Super simple to make and will sure to be a hit at our Christmas Eve dinner!

Another backlogged Holiday Recipe I wanted to share with you all before we have to spend time with our families and therefore need liquid courage/backup/relief/friendship. This was a drink that I learned how to make when I was flower arranging with the folks of Alice's Table at The Met Bar in Boston. The drink is pretty easy to make though finding Walnut Bitters was the bane of my existence and thus the reason this post has taken so long. I did locate them on Amazon and made my own simple syrup by heating up on the stovetop 2 parts sugar, 1 part water with cinnamon sticks. It's as simple as combining all ingredients one by one, topping off the drink with Hard Cider, garnishing with cinnamon sticks!

And if you need a little something to warm you up, the folks at The Cottage have once again got you covered with a simply delicious Irish Hot Chocolate. Sure to be a hit with dessert, this is warm and toasty and yummy and all the things you want when you're curled up by the fire. I am so happy that there are master bartenders at fine establishments that welcome you in for a drink but want you to be able to the same at home. Those are the places that I like to eat!

What are you drinkin' this holiday?

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