Monday, March 3, 2014

Best and Worst Dressed, Academy Awards 2014

I really didn't intend on watching the entire Academy Awards ceremony last night but, eh, I did... and I am certainly glad that I did because Lordy, Bette Midler belted out Wind Beneath My Wings and myself, along with the rest of the world, shed a tear over our joint memories of weeping over Beaches. But in any event, before the event, I was watching the red carpet for my favorite and least favorite looks of the evening. I have to say that I was a smidge disappointed with the selection I had to choose from this year but I managed to pull through ;-)


Olivia Wilde in Valentino- Not only does this dress have a 60's/Mod like vibe to it but dang girl, you look so amazingly beautiful and pregnant that I cannot stand it. She is a vision of loveliness. Dress is simple but really, her best accessory is that baby bump, which she wears so well.

Amy Adams in Gucci Couture- Gorgeous in it's simplicity. Gorgeous in Navy. Amy classed it up with MUCH less cleavage than the Globes dress (which I also loved). A great choice for someone nominated and hoping to win an Oscar. You want that dress to be classy and timeless.

Charlize Theron in Dior- I LOVED this dress. Maybe it's because I have always believed that I should be a 6 foot tall, Amazonian creature from South Africa but alas have to live vicariously through Charlize Theron when she is looking like a goddess on nights such as this one. So Svelte.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen- This is LEAPS and BOUNDS above her dress from the Globes that was all wrinkly and color blocky. This is much more age appropriate and she looks so beautiful. This is a dress deserving of Sandra Bullock.

Lupita Nyong'o in Custom Prada- Oh what a darling creature Lupita seems to be. We watched her on the Spirit Awars the night prior, where she wore this adorable shorts romper and I was like, this girl and her stylist are on to something. Lupita has killed it all awards season and this dress is no exception. Dreamy, flowy and perfect for her win.

Cate Blanchette in Georgio Armani- A vision in embellishment, this dress made me want to take out my beading biz and start bedazzling anything I could find. Cate always looks beautiful and this dress could have looked a mess on someone else, but it's a testament to her grace that she made my best dress list, because I am the end all, be all of style savvy after all.

Camila Alves in Gabriella Cadena- I don't know why I loved this ensemble so much. The whole cape thing has been done before but maybe it's the pale pink color that I am digging? Camila looked brilliant on Matt's arm and boy did she get screen time last night. I got to see lots of one of my favorite dresses.

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior- She hasn't been killing it as much as she should be this awards season, in my opinion but this red Dior dress does fit her really well, she looked really pretty and I won't get on her about the wrinkles in this picture because I know she took a tumble early in the evening.

Emma Watson in Vera Wang- Upon closer inspection, this dress is knitted, which I think is amazing and refreshing... and I bet she was very comfortable. Emma, you keep riding this fashion-y, post Potter wave as long as you possibly can.

Kate Hudson in Versace- I mentioned the cape thing being done before but man, does Kate look amazing. When she presented, sans cape, I loved the dress even more. She is a beautiful woman who can wear beautiful clothes, fo' sho'.


Glenn Close in Who Knows?- Glenn, Glenn, Glenn... you were presenting honey, someone needed to tell you that you didn't need to look so bound up. You should have worn something more like Sally Fields' dress because what you did wear? Was so not playful and so not interesting and so not deserving of your talent.

Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab- While I did have many Twitter conversations about this dress early in the evening and then saw an improvement in the dress later in the evening, I still wasn't a fan of this number. Not only does it look a touch frumpy but the only thing youthful about it was her booby business, which at some angles made the ladies look saggy. Angie is gorgeous and won a humanitarian award but she has worn much better and will, I am sure, wear much better in the future.

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu- Some will hate me for putting Kerry on my worst dressed list but man, I hate a wrinkly dress and also, this sort of looked frumpy on her. Her makeup and hair looked lovely but I really think her previous Maternity awards shows looks seriously outshine this one.

Kristin Chenoweth in Roberto Cavalli- I love Kristin so much but this dress was just too much really. A lot of gold on such a small frame. I felt like it just was too much. Did I say that it was too much? Too much.

Julia Roberts in Givenchy- I don't know what to think? She is such a beautiful woman but as of late I have not been impressed with what she sports red carpet wise. This dress just had the feel of a black, lacy doily... and once that image was in my head, it was there to stay.

Anne Hathaway in Gucci- The dress that blinded the world whilst she was presenting. I just didn't like it. A little bondage-y, a lot sparkly. Mama no like... and while we are at it, was it just me or was she annoying while presenting? I think I have a pregnancy aversion to Anny Hathaway.

Who were your faves and not so muches?


  1. I would add Goldie Hawn to your WORST - tragic really. and I LOVED Leslie Mann's dress. she didn't walk the red carpet but was at the VF after party and it was so good.

  2. Goldie and her chandelier shoulders should be on the worst dressed. I'm not a fan of satiny and silky type dresses because of the wrinkle and crinkle factor (I think that's what happened to Kerry). I wish, wish Angie had chosen a different Elie Saab gown from the same collection...she just didn't "bring it" with her selection. Overall, I was underwhelmed last night and enjoyed the Golden Globes' red carpet so much more.

  3. My bests were Kate Hudson and Lupita Nyong'o. If Angie's gown wasn't so saggy around the chest/tummy, it would be a best for me. I really liked Jennifer Lawrence too. My no's: Kerry Washington, Julia Roberts, Kristin C. I actually liked Anne Hathaway's gown, but NOT her. I still dislike her very much. Ha ha. Oh - and I thought Bette looked fantastic!

  4. Seeing a full layout of the fashion here annoys me how little JEWELRY is missing from the red carpet. ARG
    Just added you to the Oscar recap over at :

  5. Totally agree, Anne Hathaway was doing something weird while presenting so you could hear her lips smack. #Annoying



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