Friday, March 14, 2014

ASOS Helps Me Rock My Maternity Style

I think maternity clothes have come a long way since our Mothers were sporting their smocks that served one purpose... covering the bump. All sorts of retailers are starting to offer their take on what the modern woman wants to wear while pregnant and growing, some more successful than others. One of my favorites by far? It's ASOS Maternity. Not only do they have my ever favorite affordability factor but they have the style that we have come to know and love from ASOS.

Some of my favorite items from the ASOS Maternity selection are simple and versatile, things that a woman can wear a lot and with many things. That being said, I do love a statement piece, just like this blazer, that makes me feel like a somewhat sophisticated Mama to Be. This Blurred Spot Blazer is just one of many options that ASOS has to offer as far as something that I can wear now, while pregnant and on those days after pregnancy when the ol' bod is getting back to normal. What I love about a good blazer is also that it doesn't necessarily have to button. I can pick out a fabulous blazer from ASOS' womens selection that can do double duty. Let's just say that I could spend more than a couple hours browsing the ASOS collection.

Maternity Options
My favorites make you looks sassy without taking away the style often associated with maternity clothes. A mother to be shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion just to carry the baby, am I right? Check the looks and be sure to let me know which is your pick!
Blurred Spot BlazerMaternity Blazer with Lace LapelMetallic Textured Marl Blazer

Non Maternity Options
I love a good Springy blazer and lately I have been really drawn to pinks and paler colors. These are most definitely on my list for future purchases and will most definitely fit in a pre and post baby wardrobe. An open blazer seems to be the way to go!

New Look Floral Jacquard Blazer, Spot Boucle Waterfall BlazerPastel Boucle Blazer

What do you think of my first Maternity look from ASOS?

Pictured in this post:
*Asos US so graciously provided me with maternity clothing for this post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. 


  1. Love a great open blazer, pregnant or not! I just got a blush one and I'm obsessed!


  2. You look so fabulous!


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