Saturday, March 1, 2014, Sassy Deal Site

I was recently introduced to a girly little deal site called At first, I was like "Eh, another daily deal site... do we need one?". This one is kind of special. There isn't extravagant merchandise, as in something that would break the bank, but there are cute little goodies that you can grab for nieces and nephews or a sweet add on to a friend's birthday gift. From accessories to doo dads, there is something for all of us sassy girls who need a sweet little pick me up with spending a million dollars. I won't check out the site every day, since the deals usually last a couple of days, but I'll definitely be checking in once in awhile or when I need a little something special.

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  1. cool. I check them out they have some cute and cool stuff thanks for the share :)


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