Friday, December 2, 2016

Capital One Boston Live Event

I was invited to attend the Capital One #CapXTalk and while this is a partnership with them, all of the following is 100% authentic and honest, I promise! Don't know what kind of panel discussion that Capital One could have that would be of interest to me? Well, being that it was Giving Tuesday and the theme of the discussion was on Investing and Impacting the Community for Good. Now doesn't that seem like something right up my alley? Well, yes it was. I'll be honest, I enjoyed the discussion a lot more than I thought I would. The #CapXTalk panel discussion is part of Capital One’s continued growth in Boston and ongoing efforts to reimagine banking. Reimaging banking, not something I thought I would write about... but just walking into the Capital One Cafe concept on Boylston Street, I was pretty stoked that there was a place like this out there (and 5 and counting locations in and around Boston with new ones opening soon in Lynnfield, Hingham and the Seaport). You can do your banking (duh), you can set up a work space,you can access banking tools and you can get coffee to fuel all of these efforts. Hello, pretty genius.

The panelists at this particular CapXTalk were obviously ones that resonated with locals, Michael J Egan from the Red Sox Foundation and Jessica Cox, Director of Harpoon Helps from Harpoon Brewery talked about local philanthropic efforts which were super interesting to me. I do fancy myself as someone who likes to try to do good in my community, donate money whenever possible to charitable causes, volunteer my time if I'm able so I found it really interesting to hear from a more corporate side what they think about when being charitable. I took some really interesting tidbits from the talk and wanted to share because I loved the messaging. Whether it was about the need to be a giving person or what it means to be authentic, even though this talk was presented by Capital One, it really did give me some things to think about.

It was really nice to see a big company like Capital One highlighting the good that they're doing not just nationally but on the local level. This latest #CapXTalk aligns with Capital One’s commitment to investing for good, with initiatives like Future Edge, a five-year, $150 commitment to equipping Americans with the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital economy, and C1 Coders, which helps to close the gender gap in STEM for middle school students. In Boston specifically, the brand has partnered with charitable organizations like Boston Cares, ABCD and Junior Achievement, and also launched the Give Back campaign, which empowers and funds Capital One associates to support local causes of their choice. For those of us who want to see companies wielding the power for good that we know they are capable of, this was refreshing reminder that there are companies doing it and doing it well, whether it's Capital One, Harpoon Brewery, the Red Sox and beyond...

You can manage your finances and also plan to live the type of life you want while also giving back to your community. It's really an adult thing to think about but hey, adulting is now my thing. If you're ever able to spend some time in a Capital One cafe, please do yourself a favor and take the time to take advantage of it. They really do give you the opportunity to use their resources to make your life better and more efficient. I'll take all the help that I can get, thank you very much. Totally interested? The folks at Capital One are like hey you guys, you can watch the stream yourselves! Check it out here and let me know what you think:

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Capital One. Thank you as always for supporting brands that help Prim and Propah be it's best!
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