Friday, December 23, 2016

Local Lovin': Seaduced Sea Glass

I was introduced to Seaduced Sea Glass through The Perpetual You Marketplace at the W.E.L.L. Summit.  I love Seaduced Sea Glass' ocean energized vibes! Each Seaduced Sea Glass piece is organically shaped by natural nautical properties, man-mined from sanctuaries in the sand, and infused with powerful ocean energy. Being drawn to beautiful things (I mean, take a look at this Lucia Nautical Twilight Necklace, swoooon) and learning that the lady behind SSG is based out of Connecticut, I knew that I wanted to reach out to have a chat with Jenn Skiba, owner and creator, Local Lovin' style!

Give us a little background as to how Seaduced Sea Glass came about. What initially drove you to start your brand? 

As a native to the Connecticut shores of Long Island Sound, the beach has always been an integral part of my life. From an early age my mom exposed me to the transformative powers of the ocean's energy; unique combinations of currents, wind patterns, moon phases, and sand rotations kinetically refine discarded glass into frozen sea crystals. I was mesmerized by the spiritual process of how something damaged and broken could be formed into something of such rare beauty. This also seemed symbolic with my journey in life and that being beautifully-broken was an extraordinary part of me that I needed to embrace. This provoked me to convert my sea glass into jewelry; wearable treasures that are infused with ocean-energy and captivate a sense of excitement.

When creating your products, where do you take inspiration from?

I've always felt that jewelry is a way to introduce someone to my mind. It tells the most intimate stories of who I am and what makes my soul shine. When creating jewelry I find inspiration in the harmonious state of being free; unconstrained from the demands of modern life, taking risks without fear, and drifting into the timeless state of flow. In order to transmit this feeling into a piece of jewelry I fuse eclectic elements with sea-sliced glass; retro expressions, rebellious compliments, and accents of wanderlust. For example, in June I visited the Amalfi Coast of Italy and experienced the Italians' passion for life. While by Capri I noticed jellyfish free-floating through the electric current of the Blue Grottos. When I arrived home from Italy I began creating my aura moon jelly design for a necklace. It consisted of a round piece of frosted-white sea glass (jellyfish's body) with a handmade chain-link tassel (the tentacles) that drifted below. The inspiration to specifically attach a chain-link tassel came from my lifelong relationship with vintage fashion jewelry.

I love that you have shaped your business to connect with the energy and elements of the ocean. Why is this important to you?

We live in a chaotic, fast-paced world that constantly sets standards for what we should do and how we should live. This many times can feel like we're drowning in our journey through life. I permanently felt like this at one point in my life and I would find solace in walking along the beach shores. There was something magnetic about the ocean and how I would visit it daily, but wasn't quite sure why. At some point during these walks and collecting sea glass, I thought about the existence of the glass and its individual life journey. Starting out as heated sand, it is manufactured into glass, sold to a consumer, who eventually no longer needs it so it's discarded (in the water), breaks into pieces, and drowns on the ocean floor (sound familiar?) During this period of drowning ocean elements begin to refine it. The glass tumbles through the surf in unpredictable ways continuing on its life journey. While this is happening, the ocean produces extraordinary combinations of energy that reshape, resize, recolor, and redefine the shard of litter into a nautical diamond. I began to find all sorts of life messages from the ocean that became a life preserver to that drowning feeling I had. Like glass in the sea, I realized how one breaks before they can shine, to embrace waves of change, and how the most beautiful things can come from what may appear to be a dark, blue place.

What do you love to do in New England, when you aren't busy running your business?

New England has this way of unintentionally blurring that line between business and pleasure for me. The various personalities of each season brings different activities, events, traditions, and of course, different tide tosses that make glitter-litter treasure hunts especially exciting! The fall and winter are my favorite New England seasons and I find a peacefulness in being outdoors. This primarily includes walking the shores of the beaches, but also includes hiking, snowboarding, riding my bike, rollerblading, reading, and meditating. I am easily bored by continuity and it surpasses my creativity, so it is important that I have variety and options for how to enjoy my personal time.

You have certainly found some fantastic early success! Where do you see Seaduced Sea Glass jewelry headed in the future?

Thank you! The early success of Seaduced Sea Glass can be contributed to many amazing people (both new and old) that have helped to support my dream over this past year. Continuing to maintain their support while also expanding this network are essential. In addition, it is my ultimate goal is that Seaduced Sea Glass jewelry grows as business, but also grows as a mindset- that of revolutionizing and empowering one's self. I find a deep sense of value in the concepts of handmade items, helping others, and breaking societal barriers. I'm not quite sure how these collectively connect to Seaduced Sea Glass jewelry in the moment, so the future will definitely include creatively exploring what this may look like.

You can catch up with Seaduced Sea Glass on their online shop and Instagram!

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