Friday, December 9, 2016

The Importance of Giving Back, Day Five

Every day this week, myself, along with other bloggers/content creators are banding together to show why it's important to each and every one of us to "give back". Giving back to your community or causes that are important to you and your family is something that not only leaves you feeling good but truly can make an impact in people's lives. We've all pooled together our own money to make donations to a different, very worthwhile charity each day this week. We aren't millionaires and we can all certainly say that we are busy but we thought it was important at this time of year to show that being charitable isn't something we do to be stylish, it's something we do because we care about others less fortunate than we are. Along with our donations, we encourage you to make small donations yourself (just click on through) because every little but counts. We promise, it will make you feel awesome... and because we like to have a little fun as well, there's a giveaway each day! You heard me- each day, a fantastic brand, who believed this was an amazingly cool and worthy project is offering up a giveaway to the readers who visited to learn about a great charity, some fabulous ladies and a cool brand. Today we are teaming up with The Third Piece to support Action Against Hunger! Make sure to click through each gal's picture to visit their site and maybe give them a shout out for being so awesome!

Domestikated Life

Posh and Prep

Elizabeth Crane Swartz

My Life from Home

Everyday Napkin Co

Like So Pretty

True Moringa

Today's donation was made to Action Against Hunger- USA, a great charity that is working hard to ensure that people's basic health and wellness needs are met. Action Against Hunger saves the lives of severely malnourished children while helping vulnerable communities become self-sufficient. With more than 6,500 staff in over 45 countries, their programs in nutrition, food security and livelihoods, and water, sanitation, and hygiene reached more than 14.9 million people last year. If that isn't a charity worth supporting, then I don't know what kind is!

Action Against Hunger

So what else is amazing about this series? Besides the amazing women and their commitments to giving back? We're working with brands who wanted to be involved because, well, they are awesome too and wanted to get in on the fun of spreading good cheer, good vibes and bringing attention to charities that we've personally donated to! Today, Boston local, The Third Piece wants everyone to be snuggly for the cold weather! They are offering one of their new pieces, The Nantucket, in your choice of color, which is pretty dang amazing because it's gorgeous and hand-knit and so luxurious!

The Third Piece
The girls with The Third Piece taught me how to knit but I'll tell you that it's probably a lot quicker to get one straight from someone who can give you the best of the best! Enter in the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway runs until 12/16.

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