Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Winter Skin Must Haves

For as long as we had a mild and luxurious weather here in the Northeast, or up until last week that is, we still have to deal with the change of the season affecting our skin sort of negatively. Yes, dry and itchy skin is a problem. I have been honing in on the products that help me achieve maximum comfort when the air is fuh-reezing outside and the heat is turned up, making the air dry inside. I am sharing with you so that perhaps, in your search for the product line up that makes your skin it's most wonderful Winter self, you might find a nugget or two of wisdom from lil' ol' me. These are in order as I apply them after bathing but you may find a different routine works for you.

For My Body: Organic Bath Co. Stress Less Body Butter

I have been using this body butter for almost a year and while in the warmer weather, I will use it very sparingly (after yoga or a relaxing bath) in the Winter, this boss body butter is what is getting my skin through. It's luxurious but most importantly, it is keeping my skin hydrated all day long. I will use after my shower and give it a little time to soak in while I am getting ready before getting dressed. It's earned it's place in my routine for very good reason, it keeps the itchy skin at bay! The Stress Less has a gorgeous lavender scent but the Drenched and Zesty Morning may offer you what you need.

Face It, Baby: Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, Thesis Beauty Lullaby for Dry Skin Serum and Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream

I've got my face moisturizing almost down to a science, with my only weakness being complete coverage (sometimes I don't complete my forehead which haunts me later in the day). After my shower, I pat my face dry and spritz the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator on my face and neck. This amazing, lightly scented (mmm marshmallow) spray acts as a foundation/catalyst to keeping your skin hydrated. It's a gentle toner and light moisturizer all in one. I love it #BigTime.

I give it a minute or two and apply the Thesis Lullaby for Dry Skin serum. I've loved this serum for awhile now. It's great daily moisture and it does NOT leave your face feeling greasy, which is something that I find a huge turnoff in face oils. It's amazingly fast to soak into your skin so the daily skincare routine isn't held up because your face oil is whack. It's also powerful enough on it's own so let's say I have to dash, one pump of this serum will do the trick in a bind. Plus, totally excellent under makeup (if I actually wear makeup that day!)

After my spritz and pat of oil, I use the Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream. This was introduced to me while I was on a lil' trip to Follain this past November. I was still looking for that moisturizer that met my needs and won my heart. For now, my heart belongs to Osea. It's super lightweight and has a silky feel. Of course, it meets all my moisturizer needs (not too heavy, agreeable scent, actually moisturizes) but what I love the most is that it's great for all skin types and can be combined with my foundation for a more even coverage (again, if I actually wear makeup that day!).

At My Desk: Skincando's Combat-Ready Balm and Beautycounter's Rosewater Uplifting Spray

Sometimes it's just one of those days where no matter how much you moisturized in the morning, come 2pm you're feeling a little uncomfortable. Whether your hands are dry and cracked or your face is a little itchy, I keep a couple of little things at my desk to aide in a little last minute moisture pick-me-up! When I need to attack a specific spot, the Skincando Combat-Ready Balm is there (read my full review here) waiting for me. The Beautycounter Rosewater uplifting spray applied to the face can provide that cool, refreshing pick me up that your skin might need. These are mainstays at my desk (along with Minka Home's Miracle Hand Salve not pictured, because sometimes you want a little delicious scent!.)

Tell me, what are your Winter Skin "go to's"?

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