Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Tried It: Skincando

I think it was when I first visited Follain in Boston's South End that I received a sample of the Skincando Combat-Ready Balm. Being a blogger, I'll be honest. I receive samples for a lot of different things so for a product to stand out, it does mean something. The Combat-Ready Balm really did make an impact in our home over the last Winter where 6 feet of snow "blanketed" our sweet New England region and now that it's Winter again, I have found myself digging for that sweet relief for my cracked + dry hands. While our Winter has been MUCH milder this year, the air is certainly different and our skin reacts to it, no doubt. You know, if you read up on the Combat-Ready Balm it was originally used by soldiers in harsh regions to help relieve severe dryness, eczema, chafing, scars, bug bites, burns and so much more. It's the kind of salve that you want to have on hand, and literally, on your hands, because it's the real deal.

I really hadn't done much research on what else Skincando offered because I am starting to get settled into the green beauty products in my regimen but I just recently received some of the Skincando Luxe line and gave it the good old college try. I replaced my normal moisturizer with the miracle cream and have to say that with the colder weather, and the subsequent drier skin, it paired nicely with my face oil and absorbed quickly. A little goes a long way so even a light layer kept my skin moisturized all day without feeling greasy. On those days where it was just oil and miracle cream, my face felt good. On the days when I wore this combo under my makeup, it held up nicely and didn't complicate my normal routine of getting dolled up aka evening out my skin tone with something lightly tinted.

The eye balm, well, I don't currently use an eye balm but I am pushing 34, oh wow, yeah so maybe I should be looking into this in more detail? The Skincando luxe eye balm is very similar to the miracle cream in consistency and how it wears on the skin. The balm has green tea and lemon grass essential oils but is not heavily scented, which is a major pro in my book. I'm going to continue using the eye balm and will start looking at those fine lines and wrinkles a little closer to see if there are any results. Both the miracle cream and eye balm are handmade to order, so it's a very personal process that I admire. My friends and I are always talking about authenticity and where you spend your money is like casting a vote, and you want your vote to count.

The products are legitimate and in the very least, the combat balm will earn it's spot in your battalion but bonus for people who like brands that give back and want to make the world around them better, Skincando's founder, Sara Damelio created Operation Sand Flea, a means of donating the combat ready balm to troops overseas, which can soothe flea bites, sunburn and dry skin all at once. It's how the combat balm came to be and it's how Sara and her team are giving back. It's really special and I love when a line has a story like this. I can get behind a brand where I respect the people and love the products. Skincando has found a place in my beauty cabinet and that is not a lie. I can't wait to snag a jar of the Combat Balm especially for kids, since, well, I have one!

You can find Skincando on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you're local, pick up the combat balm at Follain or visit the Skincando site for your goodies.
*Skincando provided samples but all opinions are 100% my own + I will spend my own money on future Skincando purchases.

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