Monday, February 29, 2016

Simple Shower Decor

This past weekend, I spent some time in North Carolina celebrating my little sister's upcoming nuptials. Since people were coming from out of town (myself included), we held the shower and some classy bachelorette activities on the same weekend. Usually, planning can be a pain in the butt but imagine doing it from afar. It add an element of "stress". When you're planning a bridal shower, it's enough to look at what holding the event will cost, shudder then crawl under your blankie waiting for it to be over but my Mother and I had other plans. We were going to hold this shower, it was going to be classy and we weren't going to let a budget stop us from creating a visually appealing brunch that didn't feel overly done but also had the air of "effort" surrounding it. I've got some simple tips and shopping tricks to keep you on "brand" while pulling off a great day for your Bride or Mama to be.

Places to search for affordable decor and actually find it:

Target's Dollar Spot: I lucked out that Valentine's Day was right around the corner while I was planning the shower but at almost any time of year, the Dollar Spot at Target is a great resource for little containers and do dads you might get inspired by craft-wise. We snagged napkins and some little heart decor that matched our black/white/hot pink thing we had going!

Very Jane: This is one of my favorite sites to grab little things for little things. I managed to snag some washi tape, striped twine and the straws for the table all at a steal. You can check out their daily deals and I always find myself wanting something!

Beaucoup: This site is great for personalized favors like stickers for bags, gift boxes and party supplies. While I didn't have anything personalized for Mallory's shower, I most certainly would like to work Beaucoup into a future party I throw!

Walmart: I am not usually a huge Walmart shopper but my Mom swears by their plants (she lives in NC where they take their garden centers seriously). She'd originally gone in with the intent to get small ivy plants for everyone but instead found some pretty amazing hyacinth bulbs in cute vases. We added our signature twine to them and they were the perfect shower favors! The baby shower that moved in after us had succulents so you can see that plants are popular for shower treats!

Christmas Tree Shops: Another great place to find party supplies like napkins and plates, it's also pretty great if you want to put together favors in pretty containers or add some special wine glasses to your tables that won't break the bank. CTS also allows you to order online now, though I have never done it. The thrill of the store is too good to pass up.

Trader Joe's or Whole Foods: As you well know, making your own flower arrangement can be done! Want something a little special? Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are the best options for really fun flowers that won't break the bank. Tasty tip? Grab some cool greenery like decorative kale or cabbage to make the arrangement pop! We grabbed some garden roses, hyacinths and blue thistle to bring a little funky floral to our brunch table!

Do you have any tips on where to find great yet affordable party decor?

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