Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Uncommongoods recently contacted me to introduce me to their site, an as an avid internet user, I was surprised that I had missed one that is so cool with such interesting offerings. The site is basically a "community" of artisans with a lot of different stories, creating a ton of different things (jewelry, gifts, art, beauty products + more) and what's also cool is that they seem to have customers that love what they are doing, come back for more, supporting the community, therein becoming a part of the community. Was that confusing? Well, it shouldn't be. There's a lot of love for the products on Uncommongoods... and you can add me to the list of people who love what's happening.

I knew that I was looking for a new necklace, perhaps something with mixed metals. I perused the site and happened upon the jewelry handcrafted by Kathy Bransfield. To say that I was instantly in love would be an understatement. Her Protection Hamsa Necklace spoke to me and Uncommongoods helped bring a little of this artist into my life. The necklace is gorgeous and the compliments have been pouring in non-stop. I looked into the rest of her jewelry and it's just so special. You can officially add the Children are the Anchor Necklace to my Mother's Day Wish List. It's miniature perfection.

So here is what I think about uncommongoods. It's awesome because I feel like I can connect with an actual maker rather than buy something from a store, never knowing who put it together. You can read people's stories and sort of make a connection. It's kind of like UG introduced me to a new friend of sorts, a new favorite jewelry designer. So UG if you're reading this, please tell Kathy she's like my new fave and if she ever wants to collaborate on a meditation piece, I'm just putting that out there, Amanda is up for the challenge! ;-)

*uncommongoods provided me with the Protection Hamsa Necklace for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.

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