Sunday, November 20, 2011

Versace for H&M, I'm Literally not Buying it

After all the hullabaloo with Missoni for Target, and my subsequent stress over whether or not I was going to get my hard fought (and won) order, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of another designer collection for one of the stores that us "normal girls" shop at. I decided that I am not the type of girl that has to have something just because it's "designer" and is at a store I shop at on a regular basis. I was recently in a Target and saw some leftover, really sad looking, Missoni for Target stuff laying in an aisle with no home. I picked the items up and you know what I thought? Man, these are kind of expensive. You get what I am saying? The hype is what we are paying for, not necessarily the value or design of the actual item. After the hype was over with, the items weren't worth as much to me. 

With the Versace collection for H&M all the buzz in the fashion world, I took a look at the collection and decided what would even be worth my time to fight for... and I found there was not much there for me. Take a look at what I think are some of the more interesting pieces but overall, pretty unwearable in my day to day.

The colors are vibrant, my immediate thought it to get excited about how I could work these prints into my wardrobe... but the truth is, that I really can't. I am not saying that some girls can't, I just know myself and I know that these will hang in my closet waiting for that special night which may or may not come. But that being said, I don't hate the looks, I just know they aren't worth my fighting for.

If I were going to choose anything worth taking a sistah out over, it would be anything in the collection that is black. I think that the collection's take on a little black dress is fresh and inventive, and admittedly a little Versace.

Will I fight to get even these looks, the ones I admire the most? I don't think so. The UK website shut down already over this (sound familiar?) and stores have already sold out of some looks. If I happen to be in an H&M and one of these dresses happens to be there... I probably still won't purchase it. Why? I don't need to buy it just to say that I got it, I won it, I fought for it. I have better things to use my energy for. That doesn't mean I can't still look.


  1. I think I agree with you - love the looks but know they wouldn't look good on me. Not too keen on the black looks though..

  2. Definitely agree. The top I had my eye on was in store on Saturday, and I grabbed it, ubber excited and them looked twice. Would have I paid £39 for a shit quality top normaly? NO WAY! So I put it down, and then went on Net-A-Porter. Don't know if that was a good thing though.... ; )

  3. amanda, I SO agree. And unlike you, I really don't like ANY of the pieces. Not my style. Wise choice, gf. <3

  4. Well said. I really appreciate your honesty. The items are over priced and you are paying for the same quality you would get at their regular price items. And what's the point in having a Versace item from target that a lot of other people will have too? The exclusivity of having paid for an item that you know no one else will have is gone. And honestly if I saw someone walking down the street wearing those palm tree print leggings, the last thing I would think is that they were designer and the first thing I would do is laugh.


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