Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boyfriend, Buy Me One of these Coats

I am really feeling BB Dakota coats lately. The aren't the most extravagant coats but they have this southwestern feel that I am really into. This blog post is to show you some of my faves right now and also to tell my boyfriend blatantly to buy me one of these coats... soon.



  1. Agreed! These coats are lovely, they look so snug I just wanna put one on and fall asleep!!

    JS xx

  2. These coats are hot tamale and I do have my eye one in particular. ;) I don't have a boyfriend so I may just need to foot the bill.

  3. Don't worry Marley, I will probably be footing the bill for my own too haha!

  4. These are so great! I love that striped BB Dakota blanket coat.

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