Monday, November 14, 2011

Obsession Alert: 40's and 50's Style

When I think of the decades that have made the most impact on my own personal style, I immediately think "Vintage" but more specifically I would say that the style of my Grandmother's youth, the 40's and the 50's have the most impact on what I determine to be both ladylike and exuberant. Today's designers agree because I can find so much "modern" fashion that has taken it's cue from these two decades. Lovely feminine details with classic hemlines is more my style than flashy flash and super short.
This love of these fashion eras has me in consignment and vintage shops looking for not only clothes from the era but also fabrics that are from the 40's and 50's that can be used on more modern patterns. What I love is that you can wear a turban with a sweater and jeans if you rock it with confidence.       

What fashion decade inspires you in your personal style?


  1. So long ago, but so completely relevant!!!!

  2. Oh wow where is that navy with black waist band dress from? It is lovely, so lovely that I guess it is designer?
    I love this era as well as the twenties and the sixties. Any where women dressed really feminine and girly but also pushed boundaries.

    Holly (@pickletreat)

  3. It is a Victoria Beckham dress and yes, it is very very expensive but I didn't say this was an affordable fashion post haha! I love the 60's too! Mod dresses are adorable all the time.


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