Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for so Much, it's Ridiculous

Thanksgiving is this week and yes, I am excited to eat some turkey and mashed taters, mmmmm. I am also excited about having a four day weekend and for some time with fabulous friends but this time of year we are always asked what we are thankful for. For me? It is so many things...

I am thankful for wine. Wine helps to relax me after a long day at work. Our mutual love of wine tastings brought me and my man together and is still a staple in our diet ;-) We even have a wine refrigerator. Wine is good. I am thankful for sweaters as they not only keep us warm when it is cold outside but sweaters are pretty much my favorite clothing items to wear. I know I am lucky to be able to buy a sweater when I want one. Sweaters are good. I am thankful for dogs, mainly my Shetland Sheepdog. Henry (not shown here) is a great companion and even when I am having a "fat day", Henry loves me just as much as always no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Dogs are good. I am thankful for family. Without my family, I would not be me. I have my mother's looks and my grandmother's chest, my aunt's love of fun.... I love my family even when I don't like my family. I know that they will always be there for me and I also know that I should be thankful for every single day that I have with the. Family is good. I am thankful for Holidays like Thanksgiving where friends and family can come over and we have an excuse to eat, drink and spend the whole day together, mayhap sprinkling in the random nap. Holidays are most certainly good.

I am thankful for shoes. I know that it's so superficial to be thankful for shoes but dagnabbit they make me so very happy. It's something that the man just doesn't understand. Shoes are good. I am thankful for my job. While I don't particularly love my job, I am thankful to have it. In searching for a new job, I have realized how friggin' hard it is out there right now. Jobs are good to have. I am thankful for accessories, especially sassy accessories. Accessories can help us to express ourselves and also snazz up any outfit if placed correctly and with confidence. Accessories are most definitely good. I am very thankful for coffee. You can ask the man how cranky I get without my coffee. I know it's not great to have vices but this one is most certainly mine. I am thankful to drink it every day and have a quick pick me up when I need it. Coffee is good. I am thankful for friends. My friends, like my family, are my rock. I have some really, really great friends who I can confide in, who I can laugh with, who I can go out with and who I can stay in with. My boyfriend, one of my best friends, is not necessarily as interested in fashion and beauty goods but he tries to be :) Friends are my support and I appreciate them more than they'll ever know, although I do try to show them as much as possible. Friends are the best.

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