Friday, October 22, 2010

Vintage Makes Me Happy

As someone with very eclectic tastes, I find it hard to just be influenced by the latest fashions, prints and designs. One morning, I will wake up and want to wear skinny jeans tucked into boots with a modern jacket and scarf and another morning I have to wear a reconstructed dress aquired at a boutique. There is no one way that I like to be influenced... modern or vintage, I embrace it thing is for certain though, that vintage anything makes me happy and I just don't know why.

Preserving the past isn't just for museums and history books. Vintage shops across the country are keeping it real with styles from the past. From brick and morter joints to ebay shops to online presences, I can get my fix all over the place. Scarf here, clutch there, dress me up in vintage duds.

One of my friends ( I can call you a friend now, Kara) co-owns a Vintage clothes shop in Carrboro, NC called Roulette Vintage. It's adorable and ecclectic, mixing vintage pieces with local designers and a dash of Kara and Rebecca's creations. You can shop in store, you can shop online... what more could you ask for? There is just something so special about previously loved and interesting items. They are almost one of a kind in most cases. Love love love.

One of my favorite online Vintage clothiers is Twitch Vintage; she has an ebay store but also an ajoining blog which is kind of fun. Even if I don't intend to buy, I always browse because you never know what will inspire you.

Speaking of inspiration, have you ever heard of Well if you haven't please take a gander because it's basically peeps like you and me from all of the world showcasing their own personal style. It's really rad and I like to check in once in awhile. Fashion inspiration is nothing short of a lot of fun. Check out some of the members below, the ones that caught my eye on my recent stop by.

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I take my inspiration where I can get it... and I gladly let others lay their ideas on me. Sharing is caring, so let me know if you have a great Vintage clothes shop you just love to shop at!

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