Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My New Header ala "Stuff in a Martini Glass"

A good friend of mine, Miss Kristin, agreed to help me design a header/ logo for my blog being that she does some design work on her own through She agreed to do it pro bono to beef up her portfolio and also because I firmly believe she wanted to help a sistah out. So I gave her the below rough sketch based on an idea that I had for "Prim and Propah" tanks, as a sort of play on being girly but also kicking butt and taking names, whilst crafting.

She came up with an absolutely adorable tank theme with browns, yellows and pinks and incorporated buttons and threads (for obvious reasons) but also shook it up with some martinis and cupcakes (Mmmmm, sounds like a perfect night in). She not only did this very professionally for me (asking all the right questions and tailoring it to my tastes) but she did it pretty darn efficiently/quickly... so I had no time to get impatient!

Check out her header for moi and also the button that she did for the blog as well. I am elated because I am starting to feel like this little bloggie of mine is coming together into something that I can be proud of and spend time on, while not feeling like I am wasting away without a creative outlet.

New Blog Header, Holla!

Blog Button, Holla!

Check out some of Kristin's made to order Martini's that are pretty fun if you ask little ol' me. All you have to do is share an idea and she can work with you to make your ideas/dreams/wishes a reality. Was that a smidge over the top?? Wellp, I am pretty happy with my blog header if you haven't noticed yet.

Send ideas to

The Green-tini

The Zombie-tini

The TKO-tini

Martini Music


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