Sunday, October 10, 2010

Exploring the Topsfield Fair... Check.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day... so we partook in the Ol' Topsfield fair... something that is on my list of things I wanted to do before leaving New England. It was a money suck, like most fairs (let's be honest) buuuuut it was also pretty fun. I do love me some carnival rides, fried food and farm animals. And of course, I couldn't leave without my jumbo bag of kettle corn, mmmmm yums.

The fair is generally so much more fun for kids and I can totally see why.  Rides, games, lights, food, people, staying up past your bedtime... what's not to love? Manfriend and I went with my good friend and her nieces and nephew (abso adorbs) and I really think I enjoyed the fair that much more because they were there, and really, had the time of their lives. We met up with some other friends, who I say were more fun in the "grown up" ride department... in that they were tall enough to ride, HA! All in all a great day with great friends fo sho.

Fried Dough was our first stop- Sugar Up, Kids

 It was a combination of the great weather, the smells and sounds of the fair and good company that made this such a fab day! Also a shout out to the girls in the bathroom who kept that place a smooth running machine of efficiency.

This was thrilling-mostly because it felt a little unsafe
Of course, just walking around the fair grounds was part of the fun but letting the kids play games and taking them on rides was just awesome too. Manfriend and I took them on the caterpillar roller coaser, planning for each of us to sit with a child... well they had other plans and Manfriend and I were forced to sit in the same car, baaaaaarely able to fit our grown up @$$es in the caterpillar... the ride operator didn't even try to pull our bar down. It was a smidge embarrassing haha but the kids had fun (see picture below).

They all agreed that this was the "BEST"

Running joke of the day was that every time we would walk by the farm animals, we would talk about the smell. "Who didn't take a shower today?" and make one of the kids go "NU-UH"!
Goat butts!

There were beehive exhibits and rabbits, cows and pigs and kids and cameras. It was a lot of fun and worth the hour plus drive to the North Shore. I recommend that anyone and everyone experiences the local fair in their state. It was a great time.

Loving Life!

Abso HUGE pumpkin, next to Abso HUGE onions

And the biggest moment of the night??? That's right... the fried Oreos.
I did not partake but the menfolk did

I am pretty happy to have gotten one of my "to-do's" checked off the list but I am thinking, I'll end up adding more as time goes on. Manfriend hates when I say we are boring, because we definitely aren't.

List Update:
1. Climb Mt. Monadnok
2. Holiday trip to Yankee Candle
3. Portland, ME weekend
4. Touring Newport RI
5. Great Barrington Farmer's Market
6. King Richard's Fair
7. Topsfield Fair
8. New England Sports Games
9.Vermont Foliage
10. Chipmunks Adventure Stylie Hot Air Ballon Ride
11. Duck Tour

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