Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exploring the Fingah Lakes

This past weekend, manfriend and I took a wine getaway with his best friend and his wifey... we ventured off to the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY. This was along the same lines as the trip with my family to the outer banks of NC. We just wanted to see things that we don't normally see.... and of course, taste wines that we don't normally taste. (wink wink) We came home with 27 bottles of wine (not all for us and of course, some to share with others) and could have come home with more but we practiced a little restraint. (Yeeeeeeah, right)

View of Keuka Lake from Bully Hill Vineyards
 It truly was a getaway and being that I carry that camera with me everywhere, I took pictures of anything and everything that I wanted to remember. The beautiful sites, the awesome vineyards, the people and the random doll that had been tied to a tree for what looked like years. I kid you not, see below.

We could not decide if this poor child was wearing a Patriots or a Giants jersey (we thought more likely the latter) but one thing we did know is that this doll could have never been really lovable with that expression stuck on its face.

Thankfully Jessica (manfriend's best friend's wifey) was all about the photo shoots as well so I did not feel like such a nag when I asked manfriend to man the camera for what seemed like a million pictures (it only ended up being about 150 but who is counting anyways?)

Oh yes, we frolicked in the vines
I stealthily caught the woman below at one of the vineyards we went to. Her entire group had draped themselves in fake grapes, wine corks, vines, leaves, twigs, berries... you name it, they were wearing it. While I thought they were fun loving, they were also a VERY large group and made me a little claustrophobic... good thing there was wine there.

Just looking I can see leaves, a cork, what looks to be a gourd and a fake hair braid running along the backside of her hat. Gotta love the creativity!
 It was a fantastic trip with good friends, good wine, good food and good fun. We are talking about hitting up another lake next year, perhaps the one with the cheese trail? Mmmmmm Cheese, a girl can dream!

We look all romantical but I think I was giving him a hard time here...

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