Thursday, July 6, 2017

Masking with my Girls

Putting a face mask on is one of my favorite self care rituals. I love to take a hot shower, maybe after I hit the gym (I said maybe) and then do a little masking before hitting the hay. I have tried many a mask in my day but wondered what my girls were using on the regular or if they had any favorites right now. So, I asked them plus requested all the selfies they could send because, if you didn't take a selfie did it even happen?

From top Left:

Jessica of Oh I Design is loving the the Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask. "It leaves my skin with a nice glow when it's feeling extra dull. I typically use this at night right before bed and follow with an oil and eye cream."

Rachel of Healthy Chicks is using Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay- "I love that it's super simple and made from just bentonite clay. It really helps clear out your pores and gives you a nice glow. You can mix it with water or Apple Cider Vinegar. Best Part? You can get it for like $5 at Whole Foods, and a huge tub lasts forever! "

Sarah of Salty Girl Boutique has a bunch of favorites! "So I am into a few masks right now. I love Josh Rosebrooks Hydration mask around my eye area, my skin can be a bit oily in the T zone so I don't use it on my the full face. I also love his enzyme exfoliator and use that often. BUT currently started using Violets are Blue Soothing Clay Mask. The name got me. And I needed more Soothing and relaxation in my life....and it really does offer that. The smell is so relaxing, goes on easily and adds a nice feeling of exfoliation. And my skin feels so soft and clean after. After I Add some serum and Josh's new vital balm around the eyes and I feel good as new."

Cameron of Just Us Gals and Boston Green Blog is all about The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom - "It's great at pulling all of the toxins out of my skin in a healthy, nontoxic way. Plus, I love the tingling sensation when I wear it - makes me feel as though it is really getting work done."

Tricia of Ni Hao New York adores the way that the 5Yina Divine All Seasons Mask is treating her during her pregnancy! She highly recommends to her friends and her readers!

I have just started using the Black Molasses Mask from Earthwise Beauty. You keep it in the fridge so when you apply it, literally there is a cooling effect. I also really love the Violets are Blue Soothing clay mask and alternate between them currently!

Elizabeth from On Tap for Today is a huge fan of Andalou Naturals' Turmeric + Gold Clay instant luminous face mask. "It comes in a super convenient one time use pod, which is perfect for travel, and leaves my skin feeling toned and looking brighter. I imagine this is what one might look like after a good night's sleep... for now, a weekly mask will have to do! ;)"

Alex of Literally-Everything uses the May Lindstrom Honey Mud to keep her skin hydrated, nourished and freed of the day's pollutants!

Kerry of Nothing Without Yoga uses Jacq's Organics Green Smoothie Scrub & Masque. "It was something I found at my first Well Summit Ever. It feels fantastic! I love how it is slightly cooling and when it hardens it isn't too much. Not to mention my skin feels fantastic after putting it on."

So tell me girl, what you masking with these days?

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