Friday, July 21, 2017

Local Lovin': PIA at Marketstreet Lynnfield

Hi Guys, so I discovered this cute little shop when I was at a blogger event this Spring and I've really been wanting to tell you about it. That being said, life has been a little crazy and then blog posts have come and gone... so here we are in July and I'm finally getting around to introducing you to PIA at Marketstreet Lynnfield! Having been on a few blogger tours of stores before, I know what I like and what's just not for me... when I stepped into PIA, I was totally vibing with all the brands that this store carried (Spiritual Gangster, Good Hyouman etc) and then I met Pia herself... and was smitten. She is a beautiful person, both inside and out. I am generally a good judge of character and hers shines through both her person and her business. And do you know what impressed me most about her business? It's truly a beautiful and highly curated store one where you may think, oh but can I shop there? And the answer is YES, OF COURSE- it's welcoming of everyone (and their children) and Pia prides herself in getting to know her customers and engaging with them on a personal level. I LOVE THAT! I headed in to the store to chat with her and take some pictures, and of course the Propah Toddlah ate her marshmallows and played with her toy bin because yes, she has toys for your littles to play with while you shop.

Give us a little background as to how Pia came about. What initially drove you to start your brand?

More than 20 yrs ago when I moved to America for the first time, one of my first jobs was at a very unique boutique called Drygoods in Great Barrington which is in the Berkshires. The woman who owned the boutique, Tracy, had a bigger impact on me than she will ever know. She was one of the greatest inspirations personally and proffesionally and she had the most beautiful, most ecletic store. Her persona mesmerized all her customers including me. People loved the store for its merchandise as well as it being a place where they felt welcomed, accepted with personalized customer service, a place where they felt acknowledged. It was very vibrant. very alive. I didn't realize my love and dream for a store was born back then and more than 20 yrs later here I am.

When curating the products for your shop, where do you take inspiration from?

My very own sense of esthetiques. My limited budget, yardsales, my mother, flea markets and my home: Europe (point of information: I love where Pia takes her inspiration from since it's pretty identical to me!)

I love the way that you have shaped your business. Fresh, fun, feminine... Why is this important to you?
My place is primarily for women. Often times it's hard for women to feel themselves, be themselves, trust themselves and be OK with who they are. I struggle with this too but I want it to be different for us all. Women are amazing and beautiful, in every shape and form. I hope to be a place where that can be celebrated and honored.

What do you love to do in New England, when you aren't busy running your business?

I am an endless lover of the ocean, nature and flea markets. I also love to dance. My greatest treat is to dance at Greg Coles Dance ad Drum in Salem with Greg Coles and his assistants.

You have certainly found some fantastic early success! Where do you see Pia headed in the future?

There is a lot more room to grow. I am still very much tending to strenghtening my roots. I am endlessly grateful to Marketstreet for giving me the opportunity to be at their beautiful property in Lynnfield, MA. I am filled with gratitude to whom ever supports and enjoys Pia. I couldn't do any of this without the amazing women working with me.

So do you love Pia already? Yeah, me too. I asked these questions and was so interested to hear her thoughtful responses. This is the type of business that I like to shop. I want to feel special and loved and I want to be able to bring my kids if I need to (which is more often than not). If you are ever in the area, please stop in to see her beautiful store to meet a beautiful person to shop for beautiful things. You won't regret the trip.

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