Monday, July 10, 2017

I Tried It! Aimee Raupp + a Giveaway

Aimee Raupp is a wellness and health expert who has helped women be inspired to take their wellness into their own hands, improve their vitality, celebrate their beauty and even works with those looking to encourage their fertility. If you check out her Youtube videos, it's kind of hard not to like her and her positive energy. She's got the good vibes of someone who's helping people and is good at it. In addition to being an author, acupuncturist, and wellness coach, Aimee has created a line of skincare products that are organic and free of the type of chemicals known to disrupt hormones (gross) so of course when Aimee's team reached out, I was totally interested in getting a peek at what they're working on. They were kind enough to share some of their gorgeously created products to try and I'm thrilled to be reporting back to you all.

Organic Cocoa Butter Eye Cream: I just turned 35 and I'm the mother of two young children so as you can imagine, the wrinkles are coming and the delicate skin around my eyes is showing a little bit of age. I embrace aging for the most part but when there's a great product that nourishes while promoting collagen, all while keeping it organic and natural, well I'm here for it. Also, if you know me, a killer scent will get me every time... and this eye cream smells like a cocoa dream.

Organic Balancing Facial Oil: I am not sure this will be my every day facial oil and not because I don't love it but I think that I'll be saving this for when I'm blotchy and my skin is irritated (kind of like it is right now, because of my Summer sweat issues!). When I break out or have redness, I don't necessarily want to use the my everyday oil. What I love about Aimee's Balancing Facial oil is that it provides anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects through its oils (sweet almond oil, argan oil and blue chamomile essential oils). It's not greasy at all, absorbs quite nicely and isn't an overwhelming scent.

Organic Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub: A sweet treat for exfoliating your face and feeling radiant. You know how after a cleanse and a good scrub your face has that shiny, effervescent glow? Yep, this is that kind of stuff.

Chill Aromatherapy Roller: I love a good "relax" roller and this one is no exception. It's not a super strong scent like some "chill-esque" or "sleep" rollerballs so you could keep this in your purse and apply without scaring people off who are sensitive to smells.

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And if that wasn't enough, hop on over to Instagram to win a great package of Aimee's products because they want to share the love!

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