Monday, July 24, 2017

American Rhino: A Small Business with a Large Initiative

American Rhino, it's new on the scene, well they've been on the scene for a year but that's still new to me. They are popping up at Marketstreet Lynnfield and as you probably know, I've been beebopping up there lately. I had the opportunity to visit the store and speak with the owners about what they're doing and how it all started... I was drawn to them as they are one of those businesses that I like to highlight. Businesses that aren't just giving you a fun place to shop but a business that truly cares about their world and has chosen an avenue in which they believe they can help. In the case of American Rhino it's their appreciation of the African culture while trying to save one of the continent's mightiest animals, the rhino. Through their efforts they are raising valuable funds to protect the rhino as well as other African wildlife and supporting the ground team that's doing the hard work. We as consumers have the easy task, buying cute things that support a good cause.

I met with Chris Welles, founder and "Big Rhino" to chat about the brand and one of his Summer interns inadvertantly became a babysitter and watched the Propah Toddlah while we talked (thank you, Caroline!) so holla, I got to have an adult conversation! Chris is a genuinely warm guy who just happened to take his family on safari and was forever changed by the experience. They loved the culture and immersed themselves in learning about their traditions, their textiles and then the idea of creating something new to the US came to fruition. The kikoy is a textile traditional to and made in Africa that the folks at American Rhino are using to create products that we will want to buy because #1. They are very pretty #2 They are very unique to American retail #3 The American Rhino team has visibility on their supply chain and #4 We are saving African wildlife so yes, that's wonderful. As this blog post goes live, Chris is in Kenya presenting their first grant, so their business is already making a difference (in just about a year's time!). I'm excited to watch this brand grow and make change- Currently you'll find all manner of beach wear, towels, blankets, pants, tees etc but Chris gave me a glimpse into their future and there may be some denim jackets coming down the way... that excites me! For now I am just going to crush on the kikoy towels and mkoba backpack *heart eyes*

You gotta love what they're doing at American Rhino and not to worry if you're not local to Marketstreet in Lynnfield. You can see all of their offerings online and support their business that way. I told Chris while I was visiting that I'm always saying "you vote by where you spend your money" and it's totally true. I want to feel good about my purchases and make mindful choices. I would recommend checking out American Rhino before you snag something new for yourself, you might just find your new favorite kikoy pants that only get softer and softer with every wash!

You can find American Rhino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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