Friday, June 30, 2017

Don't Sweat Summer Event Sweat

*This post was written in collaboration with the wonderful people over at Follain.

It's wedding and Summer event season and well, I have got to be prepared for those afternoons into nights out, because believe it or not, this mother of two does have some actual nights out on her calendar. The one thing that I sweat about Summer events is, well, sweating. Eh, I'm not 100% the most glamorous girl you're ever gonna meet but at least I'm honest. I sweat and, gasp! even at fancy events where dancing and perhaps a little drinking is involved. Pro tip: Always drink lots of water because hydration is everything. When I am game-planning my overnight bag or even my purse, there are a couple of things that are the necessities that I must have to keep me so fresh and so clean when I'm out and about, keeping life interesting. Skincare is important, and catering it to your specific needs during specific seasons is a must.

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant: Ursa Major is my favorite brand that both my husband and I can use. He likes that the scents aren't too floral or citrusy and I like that you can trust that they'll work without all the garbage chemicals in run of the mill deodorants. Pro Tip: Deodorants combat sweat.

RMS Beauty "Un" Powder: Sealing in makeup is key to getting through an afternoon or evening in the Summer heat. A safe alternative to talc based powders, this is a great option to keep the shine to a bare minimum.

Josh Rosebrook's Hydrating Accelorator: I'm sure my friends and family are sick of me telling them how much I love this product but dude, do I love this spray. It's refreshing, it smells like a dream and I know that even if I'm sweating profusely, this will make me feel renewed, at least until the last dance!

SW Basics Makeup Remover: Safe, Effective, Affordable. Hands down my favorite makeup remover. Absolutely, no way, no how, should you be leaving that heavy event makeup on, especially combined with sweat! This does have a sweet almond-y smell that I adore so be aware if you are sensitive to scents.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser:  After a sweaty night, it's important to wash your face, getting rid of all the gross residue and gunk from your makeup. I absolutely love this cleanser. It smells sweet, almost like Skittles and leaves the skin feeling so fresh.

Please tell me what you use to combat the Summer sweat! I'm always looking to build my natural beauty battalion into the best that it can be.

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