Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FatFace, Ethically and Responsibly Made Fashion

*This post is in partnership to my new besties at the FatFace store at Marketstreet in Lynnfield MA. Though this is one of those posts where I got something in exchange for writing, you bet your butts that my opinions are 100% mine and true and sometimes wacky.

You may remember that I took a little siesta brunch time break from reality last month with a bunch of bloggers and influencers and was introduced to the brand FatFace. They have a beautiful store at Marketstreet in Lynnfield. The clothes are adorable and obviously, I love to shop... but when I learned more about the brand from Spenser and the team there, I fell in love with their company's culture, thoughtfulness and the way that they offer slow fashion at an affordable price. FatFace is, simply put, washed in happiness.

Originating in the UK, the brand has recently launched in the US with stores in the Northeast and I've been lucky enough to find a convenient and moreover, crushworthy location in Lynnfield. When I had my first visit to their store, I was given the low down on what was important to the brand when bringing their products to the consumer. Designed in England and produced ethically, sustainability and responsible sourcing of materials and labor is tippy top on the priority list for the FatFace brand. If you check out their code of conduct, it's VERY specific and leaves you feeling extremely confident that you are supporting a brand who cares about their supply chain. They are nothing like what you'll see on your run of the mill mall brand's site, which is usually vague and leaves you questioning who made your clothes and using what kinds of materials. The fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world, so if we can make more mindful choices about where we are purchasing and making those purchases count (ex: FatFaces "hero" pieces), we'll be doing our part to keep clothing out of landfills and overall, just feel good about supporting brands that care.

In addition to the feel goods when you know who made your clothes, it's important to feel good wearing them. This here is going to be one of my Summer Mom uniforms. The Irish linen pieces at FaceFace right now are just so thumbs up. I should know, I was raised on linen. Soft, flowy and the highest quality, you can see right on the tag that they're using the best materials. Baird McNutt has been creating the finest linen for 100 years and these shorts are proof that they're doing something right. Breathable, comfortable and fantastic texture... perfection. Don't even get me started on all the fun prints that they have going on right now. They've got some jungle themes that I'm totally swooning over!

Follow FatFace Lynnfield on Instagram to get sneak peeks at what they've got going on this Summer as well as keep updated on events they are taking part in. In talking to the store team, they are setting up shop for adventure on the North Shore! Also stay tuned for more peeks at what kind of fantastic stuff that you can pick up on your next trip to Marketstreet!

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