Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Tried It: Violets are Blue Skincare

You know when you hear about a brand or a product and think to yourself, man, I gotta try that... but then months, sometimes longer goes by and you still haven't? That's what happened with me and Violets are Blue Skincare. I had heard about their products through the wellness grapevine and had always been interested in trying to work them into my beauty routine. You see, Violets are Blue Skincare is a company that not only makes clean beauty products. they are also do-gooders and those are my favorite types of people. After a Breast Cancer diagnosis, Violets' founder Cynthia Besteman discovered not only a love of creating safe skincare products but also a love of supporting a cause. The team at Violets are Blue are creating quality products for us and also contributing to their community. They are currently working with Mount Sinai's Dubin Breast Cancer Center proving women undergoing treatment a care package on their first day. They also invite their customers to contribute as well... but I suppose I should talk about the products, right? I'll give you a hint as to what I though: *thumbs up*

I was able to try a handful of some of the Violets are Blue products and was super pleased with the quality, especially the facial serum and the lip balm. I mean, I've tried A TON of lip balms and I have to say, this is on my tippy top of favorites. Priced at $12 it's a little expensive but it's good stuff. It's smooth and soft, smelling of lavender (which is my fave!) and really, really works to moisturize. Their Signature Line facial serum is top notch as well. Also somewhat lavender-y with a hint of carrot seed, this oil absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a lasting, obnoxious scent. It's also very light on the skin which I appreciate, because it keeps my routine moving faster rather than waiting on it to be less greasy.

I've tried a lot of clay masks and the iteration from Violets', the Smoothing Clay Mask, is on par with some of the better masks that I've used. It is a powder, which some people do not care for, but I am not opposed to making a little paste for myself. Using powdered coconut, Rock Rose, and White Clay, it's a pretty gentle blend that really left my skin glowing. Plus, I feel like this jar will last me for quite some time based on how much I've used so far. I would most definitely recommend to those looking for a nice clay mask option to keep in their Selfcare Sunday rotation.

I'd love to get my hands on the deodorant to try as well as their facial scrub, so those may be on my "to try next" list and now that I've gotten the chance to experience Violets are Blue Skincare, I may not wait so long before snagging another product.

*The folks at Violets are Blue sent me products to try but all opinions are 100% my own.

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