Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Need some fashion inspiration? Have you ever checked out Lookbook.nu? Yes, well, if you haven't then it is about time that you did. The community touting collective fashion is just that, a fashion collective. I am absolutely floored at some of the extreme examples of exuding personal style... I am actually pretty jealous because I have been know to sport the jeans, flip flop, sweatshirt look on occasion. (Yes, I know...lazy) A lot of the Lookbook members will pretty much style themselves to the nines on the daily, which to me is pretty impressive. Some of my most favorite recent looks from girls that make me feel really old?

Hard Candy

The Blue Riding
Storm Birds
Be a Lady

Check out their Facebook and Twitter for more Lookbook goodness...



  1. The second blue outfit is amazing. I love the color combo.

  2. Lovely pics! I like lookbook but to me is so difficult to get many hypes! maybe is because I just started there! Anyway, I found your blog via IFB and I am following you! Would you like to do the same, If you do you are very welcome :)

  3. I love lookbook! the people out there are amazing!

    Flo xxx



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