Friday, September 30, 2011

Evan Rachel Wood, Again

I am pretty obsessed with Evan Rachel Wood lately. (Please see previous posts) She has that rockin' new haircut (that I am so jealous of and want) and she has this really defined sense of style, which has been very centered around menswear and tailored looks. Her new film Ides of March and HBO mini series Mildred Pierce has granted her the opportunity to hit some really great events and sport some really great looks. I can't choose which my favorite one is for sure but I do know that I have just picked up two new tailored blazers and am on the prowl for some blouse-y collared numbers (suggestions/recommendations welcome). What do you think? Evan Rachel Wood, so totally crush-worthy, right?

Los Angeles Premiere of "The Ides of March".The Academy, Beverly Hills, CA.September 27, 2011
63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
Alliance Films Press Party - Toronto International Film Festival
"The Ides Of March" Photocall - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival
"Mildred Pierce" Photocall in Venice

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  1. Totally crush-worthy!
    I actually see a little early Madonna in some of her looks (the hat, the long layered necklaces, the bustier), but in an updated flirty way. LOVE that she mixes up the masculine & the feminine.


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