Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day at Fashion Week, Awesome

So I totally have a lot of stories to tell about today, which I will do when I am so not nearly as exhausted as I am right now buuuuuuuuuuuut just want to make not of how majorly excited I am about the Nanette Lepore show tomorrow morning.... courtesy of Rowenta. As I was taking the train down to NYC this morning, I saw that Rowenta would be giving away tickets to this show to the first person who spotted them at the fountain at Lincoln Center and told them their favorite Rowenta product. My train got in at 2pm, they were going to be there at 2:30. I busted a move with all of my bags... and you know what? I found them and nearly tackled the Rowenta guy for these tickets... he probably thought I was a little bit crazy and also glowing with excitement (see the glisten on my skin? It's called sweat from lugging things in 85 degree heat) and he would be right. I am totally excited and am going to report on Nanette and Improvd (which was tonight) in the very near future. Yay!

PS. Also, a lot of other things went right for me today... like as in, I got both the cardigan and sweater from Missoni for Target that I wanted... being that I was on the train for 3 hours, I had time to refresh the Target page until it loaded and I could get some goods.


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