Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bridesmaids, Awesome


In honor of one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time, arriving on DVD today, I thought I would highlight my fave looks from each of the movie's leading ladies. This cast is so talented and hilarious and beautiful and diverse and ummmm, awesome. Love them all, mostly because this eclectic group represents real women... word to my mother. This movie is officially in my permanent rotation, along with Anchorman and The Hangover (part one of course).  It's actually probably more important to my rotation, because it's female driven and my boyfriend likes it too!

Melissa McCarthy, earlier this year at a CBS photocall looks so great in this simple white and creme ensemble. Funny, beautiful and representin'. Ellie Kemper at the Bridesmaids Premiere... all I can say is looooooving the blunt bangs and the mustard colored shoes. I am really starting to feel the mustard color.

Kristen Wiig at the Paul premiere earlier this year (another movie that I think is hilarious) looks so funky yet put together. I am obsessed with this dress and I think that she exudes personality without being garish. Maya Rudolph, hello making pregnant look so glam in Alexander McQueen. Geesh, I wish I looked half that good on a regular basis, let alone pregnant... making motherhood look glam. Love it.

Wendy McLendon-Covey at the Bridesmaid premiere looks sassifrass AND I love her shoes. Like big time Love.Her.Shoes. Before this year, I was used to only seeing her in her Reno 911 uniform so it is a breath of fresh air seeing her on the red (or purple) carpet. Rose Byrne had some MAJOR looks this year (hello Tommy Hilfiger anyone?) but this ensemble features this amazing dress and her blunt bangs... which she totally rocked. Hmmm, I am seeing a trend in my love of blunt bangs.

So guys, are you with me? Bridesmaids rocks in all categories, yes?? Ahem, I thought so.


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  1. I didn't see the movie but the trailer is so funny ! This one is on my 'to watch'-list :)



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