Friday, November 20, 2015

A few nights ago, I kissed the baby and man goodbye and went on my own, to a Girls Night Out with Alice's Table. I had only very vaguely explored the art of flower arranging (like trimming store bought flower and plopping them in a vase like "so") so when the opportunity arose to do some legitimate flower arranging in the fine city of Boston, well, I didn't hesitate. It was held on Newbury St at the Met Bar Back Bay and you know what? Even though I was by my lonesome, I had a great time and talked to a lot of new ladies and drank some fancy adult lady drinks. It was very enjoyable so I can just imagine how much fun I would have had with some of my gal pals.

When you head to an event, it's about one thing: having fun learning to do something that is of value to any crafty/fun/creative/flower loving lady... Oh, and also? There's cocktails (be still my heart) and they show you how to make them. Oh, and they give you the recipes for both the cocktail and your arrangements to take home. The gals at Alice's Table just want you to have fun, maybe learn something and then if you're so inspired, do some creating at home. There were definitely some things I learned in my gin haze (yes, I treated myself to TWO G+T's) that I can use when I grab a bouquet from my local farm stand or even grocery store but even if you're having too much fun to catch everything, the gals have you covered with their recaps. Want to check out my event, Thanksgiving Harvest, click here.

Cabbage Flowers, artichokes, sunflowers, seeded eucalyptus, magnolia leaves and more filled a tiny container of love that I built fueled by a yummy rum drink (recipe to come next week just in time for the holiday) and a night away from responsibility. I managed to get it home in one piece and the arrangement looked amazing on our dining room table in the morning light, I just had to snap a shot. I would most definitely sign up for another event from the team at Alice's table. They seem to love what they are doing and want to expand by bringing on ambassadors. I urge you to check them out if this kind of fun night out it something that piques your creative, cocktail loving interests.

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