Monday, November 23, 2015

My One and Only Gift Guide: For People

I am pretty focused this year on spending my money where it will make an impact and if I want to give a gift that might not be super practical, I'm going to make sure that it is with thought + taste that I choose those perfect gifts for that special anyone. I am going to break it down for you, the four types of gifts that I am giving this year, in case you want to be inspired to organize your gift giving however you see fit. It really does help when you have it narrowed down what you need so you can make your Holiday shopping as stress free and fun as possible. And yes, these are actual gifts I am giving so there will likely be some spoilers in this post for those of you in my real life.
The Fancy Candle... why would I dedicate 1/4 of  my one and only gift guide to "The Fancy Candle"? Well, for starters, I love a good candle and secondly, I was totally inspired by the candles at Jonathan Adler. Just a few weeks back, I was invited to a press event at The Street (Chestnut Hill if you're local) and I first experienced the Jonathan Adler store in all it's glory. The bathroom had a candle lit that was like a dream and as I wafted out on a gorgeously scented cloud, the manager introduced me to an entire line of candles, where you could burn them then reuse the glass as, well, a glass. Genius for those who love to collect pretty things! I mention this being one of my four gifts because I know SO many candle lovers out there who would totally appreciate a fancy candle but would never treat themselves to one. It's not every day that you get a yummy smelling candle from the likes of design geniuses over at Jonathan Adler. (Who for? Sisters, besties, co-workers, kids' teachers, girl squad membersPicturedLike a lot of Jonathan Adler's Candles.

The DIY Kit.... I am like super into cleaning out the chemicals in my house and bringing in more natural cleaning products. I met Devin of the Optimist Co a few weeks back and she was surely a breath of fresh air and literally wants us to breathe  more fresh air. She creates all natural cleaners and something that I thought was super neat was her DIY cleaning kits. I loved learning how to mix up my own batches of kitchen cleaner and knew right off the bat that my Mother in Law + Sister in Law would totally appreciate it. They just recently did a Vegan challenge so I think of this as similar? Yes? No? Whatever, I really like it and I think they will too. (Who for? Anyone who loves natural remedies, mothers, sisters, other family members, messy men, hippies and those you love because GET THOSE CHEMICALS OUTPicturedThe Make Your Own Cleaning Products Kit from Optimist Co

I want everyone to stop putting sh!t on their number one biggest organ, their skin. It is really one of my new ventures in life, to convince those I love to get rid of all the garbage in their beauty routine and replace it with natural, organic + ethical products that not only work, they are pretty darn good for you. My family is a tough sell on face oil and cream deodorant but I'm making it my holiday's work to bring them over to the green beauty side. The best way to do this? Give them free green beauty products! No better way to try then when you didn't pay for it yourself! My idea, give them 4 or 5 great products and place ever like so in a darling basket, with some sort of message/gift tag. I promise you this will be well received and who knows, you might make someone aware of an amazing product that is the catalyst for beauty change. Too lazy to put together a basket? Try a subscription beauty box like Petit Vour or Beauty Heroes. Just make sure your people know that green beauty is SO accessible and there is nothing to be tentative about!  (Who for? Everyone in your life though giving deodorant to a coworker or your mail carrier might be uncomfortable/offensive) Pictured: Meow Meow Tweet Facial Kit, Vapour Organic Beauty, Organic Bath Co Body Butters, Josh Rosebrook Haircare, Soapwalla Deodorant Creme, Thesis Organic Face Serum

I love my dog. Sometimes, I love my cat. As someone who cares less and less about the things that I am accumulating as personal possessions, I would be totally stoked to get something for them instead of myself. Often, I look at all the things I have around me and know that I already have so much. We feel very fortunate. The dog, however, tells me pretty frequently how he has felt very neglected in the gift department ever since the human child arrived. I mean, I have to step up my "Dog Mom" game I guess but I know that I would love to have someone come bearing gifts for the furchildren. When the UPS guy leaves a milkbone with a delivery, I make sure to get that dog excited because I really loved the thoughtfulness (thank you UPS guy!) and I love my dog. (Who for? Anyone who has an animal that they love and have kept alive, which proves said love) Pictured: Polka Dog Bakery Peanut Butter Medley Biscuits

What are your gift giving tips this year? I'd love to hear them!

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