Friday, March 6, 2015

Deja Vu Much? Kelly Clarkson is Beautiful

Yesterday, among far too many tweets and articles about Kim Kardashian's platinum hair, were articles about how awesome Kelly Clarkson's response to fat shaming was. I immediately was reminded of a post that I did a little more than three years ago, about how the internet took to belittle Kelly Clarkson about her weight and how pissed it made me. This time around, a British TV personality took to the internet to sound off about what she thought about Kelly's appearance. I toyed with writing this post yesterday but eh, I was tired and had a basket of socks to pair up... that was until I did my nightly review of my Instagram, seeing a photo of Kelly on the BravoTv feed.Well, if I thought I was pissed three years ago, I am hella angry today. I'm like legit pissed off.  Yay, she's on Watch What Happens Live! Oh hell no, people were making nasty comments about her weight in Andy's territory. People are assholes. As a fellow new Mom, I am here to come to Kelly's defense, not that she needs me to. She's got this sh!t under control.

Kelly Clarkson had her baby about a month after I had mine. Guess what? I am struggling to lose weight, keep my sanity and do my money making work all while loving up on this new creature that I am simply obsessed with. This is how I percieve Kelly Clarkson's likely viewing things. To the people who say "she didn't just have the baby, she had the baby 9 months ago", ummm yeah well the extra 30-40 pounds don't simply fall off and some of us aren't blessed with the genes to support no weight gain at all. You have to work hard, eat right and even then, you might lose 4 oz... I should know, I'm on Weight Watchers, some weeks I am busting my ass and lose nothing. I have also been breast feeding which totally effs with your body's willingness to shed the stubborn pounds and also makes you ravenous at times. I'm not making excuses, I am just stating a personal experience. Long story short, if a lot of new mothers waited until they were in their "skinny jeans" to go out into public, we would be waiting a long time. It's effing hard and being a new mother is life changing in more ways than can be covered in this post. Kelly is out there promoting a new album, which is likely awesome, killing it.

Kelly Clarkson is AMAZINGLY talented. She is far more talented than any of the sad and pathetic people who hide behind their computers and smartphones, taking aim at a woman who is yes, larger than she was when we first met her 10+ years ago. Does it matter though? Should we be looking at people in terms of their appearance rather than the talent or mad skillz that they possess? I think that Kelly Clarkson looks SO happy. Happiness is the point. Don't we all want to be happy? Trouble is, when someone is unhappy, often misery loves company.

What Kelly is doing is admirable. She is going out there, getting what she wants and rocking it. What she is doing is setting a good example for her daughter. She is now in charge of a sweet, young baby girl growing up in a world that can be cruel and unnecessarily rude at times. What do you do? You show baby girl that being proud of who you are, standing up for yourself and getting your happy are what is important. Screw the haters, live your life. Kelly Clarkson, you go girl.


  1. I am with you! Some women shrink after they have kids and for others, breastfeeding just makes our bodies greedily hold onto every ounce. Our babies don't mind a soft Mama!

  2. she is beautiful. this is awesome. mean people suck.

    that's all i got.

  3. Mean people suck and really burn my biscuits! But for every mean person there is an equally nice one, so there's that!

  4. Breastfeeding is WAY harder than I thought it would be, for a multitude of reasons!

  5. I applaud you for this post! Too many people are focused on Kelly's size being "too big", rather than her new album, the fact that she's a busy mom, or even that she looks great whether she's smaller or larger.

    Have you heard of Health at Every Size (HAES)? It's changed my life! It's the idea that your size doesn't matter nearly as much as society says it does; it's how you take care of your mental, emotional and physical health, and making sure you feel good, whether you're 90 pounds or 390 or anywhere in between.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, beautiful! :)


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