Thursday, March 12, 2015

Springtime Wardrobe Day Dreaming, the White Eyelet Anything

Oh the weather. I am sick of hearing about it but seriously, this Winter, if you didn't watch the weather, you could still pretty much count on Snow + Cold... but this week, here in the Northeast, we have had a slight reprieve, a taste of the Spring to come... and this has Mama dreaming of all that a Spring wardrobe entails. Short sleeves, shoes to wear without socks... I'm not asking too much am I? One thing I KNOW that I am going to be purchasing in the near future is a white eyelet skirt, or maybe a dress, but I am pretty sure a skirt. I am crushing on white eyelet lately and I don't know why I am so drawn! This gets baby heart eye emoji all day long.

What is your Spring Wardrobe Go To going to be?

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