Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 Ways I am Investing in Myself, Starting Now

You guys, I am like so sick of myself, it's kind of ridiculous... now before you start saying "oh, just love yourself the way you are!", I gotta give you some background as to how I feel and why I feel this way. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am a shell of my former self but I would wager a bet that I am not the same person I was a year ago today. So much has changed and in the goal to become an excellent mother, I sort of let Amanda's needs fall by the wayside. My husband and I think we pretty much have the baby thing under control at this point so I have decided to hunker down and make a list of the things I plan to do to invest in myself, self care if you will. I make the list for multiple reasons, mostly so I remember but also to keep me honest. Take a look at my "goals" and let me know if you have any trick or tips on any or all of them. These aren't so much resolutions but ways that I can take better care of myself.

  1. Get Sexy Back-Exactly how it sounds. Do I feel sexy and sassy these days? Not at all. Can I do a little revamping in some areas that need re-sexyfying? Yes. I think this one is going to be a work in progress since it's not all about buying new bras and putting makeup on. There is going to be some mental re-sexyfying needed. Nothing sucks the sexy out of ya like caring for a creature that spits, poops, pukes and slobbers on you.
  2. Get Fit- This may seem an obvious one for this time of year but this has nothing to do with resolutions. I am in a fit funk. Ever since having the #propahbaby, I have been a frumpy dumpster over here. Breastfeeding helped with melting most of the baby weight off until I hit a plateau and am now stuck carrying an extra 10lbs that wasn't there pre-baby. I wasn't too stressed about it since the past 6 months or so, I have just been getting to know my son and bonding with him has been more important that killing myself at the gym... but like I mentioned before, hubs and I have the baby thing under control and now I need to get me under control. My company will pay my gym membership if I can prove to them I have been twice a week, every month. Talk about extra incentive. Fit in 2015, here I come. Also, my friend Bridget and I are keeping each other honest on the ol' Weight Watchers. Support in place. Boom.
  3. Wardrobe Overhaul- I have far too many clothes that I do not wear. Of course there are clothes that don't fit just right but I am talking about the clothes that I have grown out of, age wise. I am doing myself a disservice by keeping clothes in my closet that skew junior. Now I am not saying that I am planning to get rid of my fun tees and superhero socks but I'm saying that the sweater with the fluorescent pink roses that I bought on the clearance rack at Target should have never come home with me (I blame the amount of sleep I was getting at that juncture in my life)... the first step is admitting that you have a problem. A wardrobe overhaul will not only give us more storage space in the Light Master but I really think I will have an easier time dressing for my life without all the visual wardrobe clutter.
  4. Stimulate my Brain- I recently just discovered Craftsy and it has started to make me wonder why I spent thousands of dollars at Mass Art when I could have spent less time and money learning some of the skills that I attended for. Taking these classes was a means of improving myself and I really want to get back into that. Sure, I have some new restrictions that make my life a little less flexible but the beauty of the online tutorial is that it's always there. I plan to brush up on some of my technical sewing skills soon and might even look into weaving. The possibilities are endless and my brain wants some non-baby related stimulation.
  5. Eat Better- See above comment about Weight Watchers. The whole "not giving two rats asses about what I eat" thing has got to go. Not only do I need to eat healthier but my husband could benefit from it as well. Also, it's never too early to teach the child about healthy eating habits. There will be no bologna in my house, literally and figuratively. 
  6. Find Time for Friends- I love making plans but more often than not, I will make excuses as to why I have to skip an event because I have to help with the baby's bath or make dinner. I will tell my husband weeks in advance about a get together but come the day of my plans, I will justify why I am needed at home. I will make more time to take care of and tend to my relationships outside the home. This will make things better in other areas of my life, for sure.
  7. "Brush Hair" and other such appearance related activities- I work from home. This isn't exactly conducive to really putting on a face in the morning. My son goes to daycare and heck, those girls there don't care what you look like. Some days, and this is horrible, some days, I will be too lazy to take my pumping bra off. I will put two or three layers on over it and bring the kid to daycare. Do my boobies look saggy? Possibly. Does anyone notice? Nope. The fact that I am admitting this, is a means for me to make this reality public, so that I can nip it in the bud. Put a real bra on, Amanda! Brush your hair! Put on some tinted moisturizer for the love of Pete! Make an effort and take pride in your appearance! ...that was my pep talk to myself, gotta keep this girl motivated.
  8. Quit Being Lazy/Making Excuses- I make lots of excuses. I will justify things to myself. This ends now. No more laziness. This is the one life I have to live and I will live it.
  9. Be Brave- For the past few months, bravery has been taking the baby to the Mall with no diaper bag (hey, I was half way there and I forgot it, OK?) but I want to take things up a notch this year. I am going to BlogHer and already bought my ticket, with no idea if I would know anyone going because I just want to go this year. Will it be worth the money? That remains to be seen but I do know that the experience of going, by myself (or perhaps with others) and being away from the home for three days this coming Summer, will be liberating. Does it scare me? A little but I won't let that stop me.
  10. Spread Love- I have a lot of love to give. I know this because of the emotions that surge through me every day. I have heard that after awhile the "new baby" feelings will slow their roll but in the meantime, I am very keenly aware of a lot of human suffering in this world. I know that I am so very blessed and want to try to spread my love a little further each day. As my husband says "put your money where your mouth is" and while I know he doesn't literally mean money, I did make a donation to St. Jude's Research Hospital today... because I have a healthy child and some aren't so lucky, I want to do nice things for people and not expect attention or glory for it. Is there an elderly man behind me at Subway? Yes? Then I will secretly pay for his 6 inch BLT on Honey Wheat and then run out the door before he can thank me. This is just going to make me feel good.

Do you have any tips on investing in yourself?


  1. This is a great list. I definitely think that I want to focus more on living in the moment. I tend to dwell on things that have happened in the past as well as trying to figure out the future. :) Happy New Year Amanda!!

  2. I try not to dwell on the past too but it's hard sometimes. I worry too much, I should have added that lol. Happy New Year to you too my love! If you need any more cold weather looks for the Winter, let me know and I would be happy to contribute! xoxox

  3. Amanda, I seriously love this list. I made some goals for myself as well and I see lots of similarities. Can't wait to make new memories with you in 2015.


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