Tuesday, December 9, 2014

P&P Gift Guide: People Who Might Be Nerdy

This week's gift guide is all about buying for the people in your life, who march to the beat of their own drummer and that drummer is sort of a geek. I happen to be married to one of this special breed so I think I can safely say that I am pretty much an expert on the nerd fare... plus, let's face it. I'm kind of a geek too. Of course there are all manner of interests that you could build on but there are some great ideas here. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Harry Potter seem to pop up the most on my radar due to the types of interests my people have. There is sure to be something you can snag for the people in your life who are young at heart.

DOCTOR WHO FAN: Doctor Who Art PrintDoctor Who BookmarkTardis EarringsDoctor Who Car Magnet SetDoctor Who Inspired Little Shop SignsDoctor the Recipe Shaker Set,Dining with Doctor Who,
HARRY POTTER ADDICT: Hogwart's Wall BannerJelly Belly HP Jelly Slugs,Harry Potter Glasses Ring, 9 3/4 King's Cross Wall DecalI Solemnly Swear TeeHarry Potter Sorting HatA Magical Christmas MenuHarry Potter Christmas SweatshirtSeverus Snape WatercolorGolden Snitch Harry Potter Bracelet

If you find that these don't hit your gift giving mark, be sure to check out Modcloth's gift section, Think Geek (especially the Game of Thrones and Marvel section), or hit the search in Etsy, you'll be sure to find something unique, fun and affordable for the nerd in your life.

What is your go to geek realm?


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